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  1. Hi again, Just a quick update on my flat. It's been completed and I've been iiving in it for the past month or so. Once again, I would like to express my thanks to Nick from Renoguyz. As mentioned, I left the entire design and 'concept-ing' of my flat to him. Even with my limited budget, he was able to provide much more than I bargained for. On top of the professionally done and wonderful interior works, he was able to include electronics and furniture as well. I'm totally enjoying my Smart TV, fridge for my cold beer and of cos the lovely sofa, dining table and bed. He helped to make my house a cozy home (within my limited budget). For that, he has my respect and gratitude. A great great heartfelt thanks to a great man.
  2. Hi everyone, Just a follow-up on the wonderful job that Renoguyz has done for me. Though still a work in progress, It's done so well within my low budget but exceeding my high expectations. Thanks and keep up the good job Nicholas.
  3. I’ll start off being upfront about this fact. I’ve never blogged in my life and do not go into forums to express myself. However, my recent experience with the company Renoguyz prompted me to take this first step. A little about myself. I’m a born and bred Singaporean who is working overseas. I’ve been away for the past 10 years but would still like to have a roof over my head when I do retire in Singapore. It’s my country after all. I made the first step of applying for a flat via the BTO scheme. Long story short, it took me a few tries before I finally got a 2 room flat. Small but ideal for me, being single and all, I do not need a big place anyway. As the date to my keys collection drew closer, I started to worry about renovating my flat. That’s when I heard about Nicholas from Renoguyz through a friend of mine. I was apprehensive as I’ve heard all sorts of horrid stories concerning renovation works. The hidden costs, contractors running away, etc. In the limited time I had left, I did some research on Renoguyz and the usual background information I can gather online. That’s when I also came into knowledge of this forum. I read some feedback about the company. All that research plus my friend’s thumbs up for Renoguyz made me decide to give the company a try. I called Nicholas. I do not get a lot of leave from my overseas job and every moment I spend in Singapore to handle my flat is precious. That was made very clear to Nicholas right at the beginning of our communications. I could only spend a week or so in Singapore to handle the keys collection and discuss the renovation. Nicholas (the boss) immediately gave me a sense of assurance when we met. He is very experienced and was able to address all my novice questions and concerns. He definitely showed me that he knew his craft very well. I met Nicholas after my keys collection (he was very accommodating about meeting my tight schedule) and after addressing my concerns, he was able to draw up a quotation on the spot. There was a lot of back and forth as I was new to this and needed a lot of assurance. At the end of the meeting, I was so convinced about Nicholas’s expertise that I left him fully in charge of the renovation of my new home. We agreed on the quotation he gave as it was reasonably low and well within my budget. As mentioned earlier, I trusted him to leave him fully in charge. The interior designing, furniture, literally EVERYTHING. He assured me that I will have a beautiful and cozy home to come back to. As of this entry, my flat is undergoing renovation works. Nicholas kept me posted on all the comings and goings of the renovation process via social media. He delivered more than 100% of what we discussed. I can definitely look forward to a great home. Afterthought: Renoguyz really came through for me. Imagine being stuck in my overseas job and still have to worry about my renovation in Singapore! Yes, I only need to imagine it because in reality, the whole process is smooth sailing for me thanks to the excellent services and low cost of Renoguyz. As mentioned, I don’t blog or write in forums but I really want to express my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to this great company and its boss, Nicholas. Thank you, for making my home and life beautiful and stress free.