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  1. All the wardrobe, work desk, painting, everything is completed. But in between these period of work being done, MANY ITEMS are being repurchased due to one of a electrician who did NOT PASS his exam..hmm..exam? Maybe someone that is really careless and almost NO BASIC SKILL or basic knowledge on his job scope and life) Let me introduce this one man, by the nick name of DURIAN. My contractor gave him this nick name. Not me. He looks like one durian, also looks like someone who sells durian and most importantly, he act like one. FAIL 1 - DURIAN FIX A FAN How would a Durian know how to fix a fan? Impossible. The story: Two electrician came, one of them is Durian, they managed to place the fan onto the ceiling, the another electrician then left the basic connecting wire work to Durian. As expected from his Durian appearance and vibe, my gut feeling already told me something is wrong. My gut feeling is always right. So the fan won't turn on. Later found out that Durian did not connect the 'power' wire (can't remember what it really called). FAIL 2 - DURIAN COOKING IN MY SINK Pointy pointy is a Durian. Scratches Scratches Durian makes me hate. Long story short, he washed two Jointing Knife (imagine uncle at food-court stir and stir your black carrot cake or Japanese chef making teppanyaki) in my sink. Sink got terrible scratches. Had to replace the sink. Replacing it is not as easy as buying Durian. The quartz already were cut, the same sink couldn't be found anymore. Bought one new sink which couldn't match the tap whole, can't expect contractor pay for one new quartz right? So had to spend so many precious time and energy to look for another sink that can match the already cut quartz. Luckily it was found. ****! All the money spent from buying sink has not been collected. FAIL 3 - DURIAN HANGING LOOSE & MORE DAMAGE Can't even hang a light fitting. So the light fitting on the ceiling were loose and swinging when there's wind. Durian and another electrician couldn't fix it despite many hours trying. FAIL! It was not fix but they damage the surface of the lights. I purchased a new piece of light, and again, the money is still not yet collected. FAIL 4 - DURIAN ROLLING Trying to keep it short here too. Had informed contractor NEVER to let Durian in my house again. He did told the electrician in-charged. But the in-charged forgot!! And Ta-dah~~~!!!! The Durian made his way to my house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So he managed to DRAGGED a ladder and damaged floor tiles. Thank you. It has yet been replaced. I will post some pictures later.
  2. Update on 17 July 2018. So how long has it been? Who's fault? If you read my previous post since dinosaurs years ago, it was stuck at all the grout holes and lousy carpenters work. Not very lousy but rough rough work. As you can see my T-blog title "Painting Canvas" I looked at my house like a piece of art, a canvas, a project. Now my status is: I am poor-but-have-to-pay-so-much-yet-received-lousy-rough-work. I have no time or mood to update this T-blog. How can they make my canvas suffer so much abuse?! I have shifted in nearly a year ago even the house is incomplete no thanks to one of my family member who hurried me away. So most weekend other than house-chores, I have to dig the grout out with a pen knife and fill in the grout myself. -_- The whole house flooring. Here's some pictures to recap and update what happened: Digging the whole grout and filling in. You can't just dig a small part of the grout out where the tiny debris is because the new grout will not 'eat' in and will come off easily. I had a heart to heart talk with my grout and he told me "it's all or nothing".
  3. Congrats!!! So nice got sign board to show some more!
  4. Met him yesterday, and he earns back his points, at least he never give me excuses and agree to rectify all the things I am unhappy with. Haha! I must also admit I have really high expectation!
  5. Thanks for sharing! I met my contractor yesterday, luckily he told me the same as what your ID told you! He should had told me earlier so I don't have to worry! For the cement still stuck on, he explained that because I am using dark color grouting, it may get very uneven or cloudy if too much acid is used when washed, so the acid washer dare not put in too much acid. Will have to scrub them off instead.
  6. Please share with me your perfect grout line after the wash so I can show my contractor! Why other people grout so nice?? And why mine is meant for ants to live in???
  7. Sigh! So near yet so far. Acid wash was 'forced' on 31 March 2017 because my TV and Fridge I got from Best Denki had to be sent by end of March according to the sales person, as they can't hold the item too long. My mattress bought last July from Harvey Norman did not rush me to deliver it even I bought it much longer than those from Best Denki, which was December. But because of this, my contractor finally put up my service yard window, rush the glass partition to be up for my wardrobe, Quartz for kitchen was up, Granite for bathroom was up, Cooker hood was up, Stainless steel backing at kitchen was up too, Sink and Tap at kitchen, Basin and Tap at Bathroom was all up! After the acid wash and the paper protection was removed, this is what I found out, which is so disappointing! Some subway tiles in the bathroom was replaced because of chipping at the corner, after they replaced it, the grout as you can see from the picture, there are tiny holes and the grey tone is much darker than the rest. (I noticed this before the acid wash) The brown tiles in the picture are my floor tile for living and bedroom, after cleaning, there are so many, so many, so many holes and even some cement still stuck on the grout! I thought acid wash should had it clear up? I don't know what is the purpose of this post. Just wanna pour my heart out. At this stage, the contractor began to appear 'cold'. Which makes me sad although he agreed to meet me tomorrow for discussion. This is just my personal feeling
  8. Thank you! Maybe I must show my contractor all these comments to make him change the door for me. MORE COMMENTS are welcome!!!
  9. Compared to yours, mine is really peanut case. Are you comfortable to share with us the company name so that everyone here can be alert? otherwise it is fine. Are yours a BTO or resale flat?
  10. OMG! Hohola Wong That is very very bad!! Can share who did you engage and are they gonna amend all it?
  11. The carpenter and contractor kept saying it does not affect the door or the hinge. Thanks for another Vote!!!!
  12. Hi geneo79 The bathtub is 1700mm. I wanted to find a 1800mm tub but they don't have stock, so I got this 1700mm. You are right, I did some re-locating.
  13. Thanks for your reply! I believe they have to change the whole Door instead of the whole cabinet. Appreciate your quick response,fifteenmay!