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  1. hello @Lovalova where did you buy your fan from? i am not sure if it would help to call the shop you purchased the fan from.. and sorry i am abit confused but why would you call Amasco? I thought the fan is under NSB or are they under the same brand?
  2. will pm you! @orangecrab hello @Blade07 i paid approx $350 for this vinto fino II (able to oscillate) but i believe it may be cheaper now? i bought it from HT lightings in Johor Bahru
  3. thanks for your kind words! have pm-ed you! @tinglebelle
  4. hello @peihao83 ! our contractor Nick applied the permit to hack away the kitchen floor tiles for us - we are not exactly sure how he did it though but he said he could do it so we just proceeded with that. Yup it is a new BTO.
  5. Hi @orangecrab thanks for the compliments! we are very happy with the fan - we placed it at the corner of our MBR which is right beside the window. We found it to be very windy for us at medium speed and with the oscillation turned on. However please note that the fan tends to be a bit noisy when turned on because it is an AC fan, not DC fan which is quieter. We are ok with the fan sound though - actually quite therapeutic for us LOL.
  6. hi @spooky beautiful house! may i please ask how did your contractor do a step down shower area for you so that you did not need to construct a kerb? my contractor said that this could not be done for BTOs! thanks alot!
  7. hello @matchalatte thanks for your kind words! unfortunately i haven't seen a fan elsewhere that looks similar but the one from otto looks **** nice and classy! if you can plan for a quick holiday to any part of Australia, you can also get my standing fan for only $69 haha - things are really affordable there! i know what you mean about nick's temperament and i had the same reservations as you as well before my renovations. i'm thankful to say my renovation journey with him was really smooth - he really delivered everything to expectations and his workmanship is great, albeit being slow/forgetful on some occasions but those are negligible compared to the end result. my advice would be for you to have a consultation session with Nick first to see if he can deliver what you want before confirming with him. he will definitely have his opinions about how certain things are done so the session would be a good time to find how he works. all the best with your renovations! i'm sure it will be an exciting and fruitful one
  8. @ahoyinangel hello thanks for your kind words! due to limitations, my kitchen door is a casement type though i would encourage you to do a sliding one as you can then save space. i will try to get back to you asap on the measurements and more photos on the weekend! @sonsofliberty thank you for your kind words! @lacesandstripes hello ok will pm u!
  9. Personally I liked and chose gas heater because it is not so bulky, more environmentally friendly and friendlier on the pocket (you save on your utility bills also. ). With regards to the temperature and water pressure (using HDB shower heads), so far so good for me. I would also say it heats up water as fast as an instant heater with hardly any down time. The only con i can think of really, is for you to have to walk to the service yard to switch on and off the gas heater.
  10. thanks for sharing your recipe @fi5hbone ! that looks yum! i'm always on the lookout for one pot recipes heh.
  11. hey @bykaraanne this is a totally noob question but i accidentally bought artificial vinegar - just wondering if it works the same as your white vinegar for cleaning? what brand of vinegar do you use? also am i reading correctly that 1/3 white vinegar + water + corn starch gives you an awesome solution for glass/mirror cleaning? i am going to try this out!
  12. I LOVE YOUR KITCHEN!!! looks like a dream! where is your marble dining table from? i can't see clearly if the legs are wooden or steel?