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  1. hello @Lovalova where did you buy your fan from? i am not sure if it would help to call the shop you purchased the fan from.. and sorry i am abit confused but why would you call Amasco? I thought the fan is under NSB or are they under the same brand?
  2. will pm you! @orangecrab hello @Blade07 i paid approx $350 for this vinto fino II (able to oscillate) but i believe it may be cheaper now? i bought it from HT lightings in Johor Bahru
  3. thanks for your kind words! have pm-ed you! @tinglebelle
  4. hello @peihao83 ! our contractor Nick applied the permit to hack away the kitchen floor tiles for us - we are not exactly sure how he did it though but he said he could do it so we just proceeded with that. Yup it is a new BTO.
  5. Hi @orangecrab thanks for the compliments! we are very happy with the fan - we placed it at the corner of our MBR which is right beside the window. We found it to be very windy for us at medium speed and with the oscillation turned on. However please note that the fan tends to be a bit noisy when turned on because it is an AC fan, not DC fan which is quieter. We are ok with the fan sound though - actually quite therapeutic for us LOL.
  6. hi @spooky beautiful house! may i please ask how did your contractor do a step down shower area for you so that you did not need to construct a kerb? my contractor said that this could not be done for BTOs! thanks alot!
  7. hello @matchalatte thanks for your kind words! unfortunately i haven't seen a fan elsewhere that looks similar but the one from otto looks **** nice and classy! if you can plan for a quick holiday to any part of Australia, you can also get my standing fan for only $69 haha - things are really affordable there! i know what you mean about nick's temperament and i had the same reservations as you as well before my renovations. i'm thankful to say my renovation journey with him was really smooth - he really delivered everything to expectations and his workmanship is great, albeit being slow/forgetful on some occasions but those are negligible compared to the end result. my advice would be for you to have a consultation session with Nick first to see if he can deliver what you want before confirming with him. he will definitely have his opinions about how certain things are done so the session would be a good time to find how he works. all the best with your renovations! i'm sure it will be an exciting and fruitful one
  8. @ahoyinangel hello thanks for your kind words! due to limitations, my kitchen door is a casement type though i would encourage you to do a sliding one as you can then save space. i will try to get back to you asap on the measurements and more photos on the weekend! @sonsofliberty thank you for your kind words! @lacesandstripes hello ok will pm u!
  9. Personally I liked and chose gas heater because it is not so bulky, more environmentally friendly and friendlier on the pocket (you save on your utility bills also. ). With regards to the temperature and water pressure (using HDB shower heads), so far so good for me. I would also say it heats up water as fast as an instant heater with hardly any down time. The only con i can think of really, is for you to have to walk to the service yard to switch on and off the gas heater.
  10. thanks for sharing your recipe @fi5hbone ! that looks yum! i'm always on the lookout for one pot recipes heh.
  11. hey @bykaraanne this is a totally noob question but i accidentally bought artificial vinegar - just wondering if it works the same as your white vinegar for cleaning? what brand of vinegar do you use? also am i reading correctly that 1/3 white vinegar + water + corn starch gives you an awesome solution for glass/mirror cleaning? i am going to try this out!
  12. I LOVE YOUR KITCHEN!!! looks like a dream! where is your marble dining table from? i can't see clearly if the legs are wooden or steel?
  13. ahhhh i just saw your kitchen and i love it! navy cabinets are really classy and pretty. i've seen some homeowners installed gold handles and they really add glamour to the whole look! whatever your choice, your kitchen already looks gorgeous.
  14. @fi5hbone your kitchen already looks great to me IMO! it's ok - we can always upgrade next time! hey @Starrain yes the heater is working great so far. i have no issue with the water pressure and this is using the hdb-given shower heads but i heard that water pressure differs in different estates and blocks though so i am not too sure if the heater has any contributory factor to this. Water heats up fast (pretty instantly i might add as i can switch on the heater and bathe immediately without any waiting time). I purchased the digital one which allows me to adjust the temperature hence water is also adjustable to be hot enough for me who likes to bathe in extremely hot water. The heater is only a tad noisier when someone is showering but really otherwise i think it is great. I haven't seen my bills yet but i am certain it should not be too costly and probably even more cost-saving compared to storage heaters etc. I would say go for it if you have not decided!
  15. what a lovely home! love your choice of peranakan tiles and laminates for the kitchen and that barn door! absolutely gorgeous. i look forward to seeing furnished and lived in pictures of your house..that old school standing fan for example compliments your interior so well. where did you get that from btw? i was looking for a fan like that all over singapore but to no avail, and eventually settled for one from overseas haha.
  16. Wah $129 is indeed very cheap for SG! Paid $315 for my fanco 48 inch fan with light kit from Chan Huat and i think i got chopped haha. :\
  17. What a beautiful and well-planned functional home for raising a family! Everything is very tastefully put together and well thought through especially for your storage. I especially love your laundry area! I would be more keen to do the laundry if i had a laundry room like that at home Your kitchen looks mighty big and spacious - no wonder you are finding it a bit troublesome to have your stove and sink separate but you have so much room to move around!
  18. @fi5hbone thanks for the kind words! my hubby bought the knitted baskets in the common bathroom from Habitat at Big Box when it was on 50% off, and the seagrass baskets from the MBR toilet are from ikea. I hope they are still available for you! So far i am not really having issues with separating my stove and sink as they are directly placed opposite each other so i only need to rotate myself (bto hdb kitchens are that small!) if i need to move from the sink to the stove. My condiments are stored in a pull out rack in the cabinet directly below my hob so i do my marination beside the stove I think my regret for the kitchen layout only stems from not having a floor to ceiling storage where i can place my oven at a standing height, which would have made using the oven both safer and more ergonomic. @pankponk thank you! i highly recommend everyone to visit kmart at least once to stock up on homewares.
  19. great so much fan fare and i didn't even know! haha oh well i guess they tried! @minuteme @kingandbin awww thank you for your kind words it really made my day! the pink/marble cushion is from kmart aus (perth) when i went there recently! they got loads of pretty cushions for $5-$10.. i really urge u to plan a holiday in australia just to get all these cheap and pretty home decor i'm looking forward to seeing more of your home progress! the end is near, so enjoy the process while u can!
  20. very very nice!!! keep the pictures coming! i like how you chose wooden-looking tiles for your bathroom..makes me wish i should have gone for that. i also saw themerrymaker's home and i loved her entire home! i like checking out #dayrehomes whenever i'm free too haha.
  21. thanks! still work in progress but it is a cozy place for us to return to after work oh i didn't know kmart had an outlet here! items not that cheap but ikea priced or like a lot more expensive? link for carpet: https://world.taobao.com/item/527170829240.htm?fromSite=main hmm in my opinion not very shaggy..not the fluffy fluffy kind but not super rough either..i actually didn't really like the texture when it first arrived but it kinda grew on me. Oh dear i am not very helpful huh. :\ It is very worth it for 75 dollars though! I purchased the 1.6m x 2.3m one. Yes totally feel you! The noise can really give my hubby a rude shock in the morning sometimes. Btw, i am totally loving the gas heater you recommended - it really heats up fast and water pressure is good and temperature hot enough. Yet to check my bills for this month but I am certain the savings are also significant as well. Thank you so very much for your advice Kara!
  22. Lived in photos (part 1) This post comes very late because it has been a very hectic 2 months of wedding planning and settling the final bits of our home reno. Undertaking this home renovation and coming out of it mostly unscathed (i will explain on this later on) has been a very fulfilling one for my husband and i, in which both of us really learnt alot. I wouldn't say we are fully settled in yet but I would like to share some photos of our completed renovation. Do let me know if you have any questions and I will try my best to get back to you as soon as possible! Here are some visuals of our humble abode for your viewing pleasure. I will be sharing about the living room, dining area, kitchen and toilets in this entry and more on the rest of the house in the next. Living room Our almost completed living room, save for an ikea hanging shelf we have yet to mount and curtains. We took a huge risk going with Ezbuy/taobao for our furniture and i am relieved to say that it has been mostly hits and very few misses. The TV console, carpet, storage wired coffee table, light blue pouf, sofa and ottoman are from ezbuy with a flat shipping rate of $2.99 and one time delivery fee of $8 for unlimited number of home deliveries (depending on the size/arrivals of your individual items). We saved quite a significant sum of money which we are thankful for it. Review of the items - tv console was as expected with a few tiny scratches, took awhile to set up but it's perfect for us for the price of $300 (saw something at castlery for $600 - $800), sofa is comfy and we love sinking into it at the end of the day and pouf though too light-weight, serves its purpose well. Assorted cushions from taobao, kmart and ikea. Went to perth for a mini moon and we spent a large amount of time in Kmart hoarding stuff like this standing fan and marble based copper standing lamp. If only Kmart would ship to SG or why not just open an outlet here! I am sure it will be a major success here. Dining area Here's where the worst of our renovation journey comes in. In one of my first entries, I wrote about happily purchasing a dining set from a furniture expo sale at $1.5k. Unfortunately this company we bought from (Rome House Gallery) later went into some problems (we heard the owner ran into some financial difficulties from gambling etc) and so the dining set we paid in full for never arrived. We reported this to the police and CASE, both of which weren't very helpful in this matter until more cases were reported and then even publicized in the newspapers - hence we were glad to learn that the police started investigating more into this matter. We are not hopeful about getting back our money but I hope that this painful lesson for us will help you guys have a few takeaways from this; 1) Always research more on the company before purchasing anything - check when the company was registered, reviews of the company etc. 2) If possible, never ever pay in full amount. Always try to ask if you can pay a deposit first and then the rest upon delivery. We chanced upon crate and barrel one day and found that this beautiful marble table was on 50% off and since it was within budget, we decided to get it and paired it with dining chairs found on ezbuy. Seems like even china sellers are even more reliable than our very own local sellers! Kitchen Basically what you see when you step into our kitchen. Fujioh hood and bosch hob are both working great although i am still having trouble controlling the fire of the hob but so far so good, easy to clean and maintain. Ariston basic oven has been working well for us too, no complains there! Not too sure if you can see here but on either side of the oven, we asked Nick to do a roll out basket for our sauces and condiments which is both convenient for us to reach for when we need to cook, and storage saving so that it does not take up too much clutter on the counter top. Closest we could get to a marble looking top was a quartz from Colourquartz! Located beside our huge Hitachi fridge is our sink area. Common toilet No regrets going for a concrete sink as we do not have to worry about waterproofing and durability issues. My only regret is that we should have probably specified the height of the ledge below the sink so that we can allow for more things to be stored and stacked but we are content with this for now. Master toilet Same concrete sink for the master toilet. Our sink area is smaller due to the layout of the toilet unfortunately. Nick did up a customized mirror for us using the same laminate (mostly used throughout the house haha) and we love it! It makes the tiny toilet look bigger. Requested for a shampoo ledge at the back of the shower area. We would have loved to go for a niche area for the toiletries but that was not allowed for BTOs. We did a aluminium bifold louvre door for both toilets. On hindsight, we should have probably gone for a frosted glass door as opening and closing the doors can be noisy and loud, especially in the morning when i am preparing for work while my husband is still sleeping. It is a pretty door though - so we will just enjoy using these two doors until next time. Our thoughts on Nick I must say that working with Nick can both be an enjoyable and exasperating experience because both of us tend to be quite strong-headed in our own opinions and it took awhile before we could reach an agreement or a compromise on any issue. He has the tendency to take awhile to get back to you on certain items and he also tends to forget certain items but we knew that upon reminding him, he would always get the job done even if that took awhile. Coming out of the furniture scam, we realized how lucky we were to have Nick as our contractor because he never failed to come back to us if anything required rectifications. He also mentioned that he would still rectify for customers' houses even after 5 years (we can't vouch for that yet hahaha but we do know that even after moving in, he will be coming back to fix certain things for us). One of the important things we liked about Nick was that if he was wrong or if he made a boo-boo, he was not afraid to say that he was wrong and rectify it for us - like the cutlery tray which hopefully we expect to receive some time this week! We have had no issues with his workmanship thus far. His carpentry is great and we especially liked that he provided a concrete sink support for our kitchen, while we understand that a wooden sink support may be sufficient for other homeowners. In conclusion, if you choose Nick as your contractor, you must understand his patterns and he does require close following up on outstanding issues. However, Nick is reliable and trustworthy and through our renovation journey with him, we also learned that he is also a person with a big heart for people around him (I will let him share his personal stories with you ).