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  1. Haha, it's butterpaperstudio right? Saw your house on their blog!
  2. Looks great! Could you show your kitchen at the part with the toilet entrance please? I'm curious to see how it was done!
  3. Just saw your kitchen layout. I don't think that putting your wet kitchen with the laundry area is a good idea. The clothes will really soak up the oil and grime and it might be troublesome to always bring out the clothes or keep them when you cook. Since your kitchen is quite large, you might want to consider having a separate laundry area too.
  4. Pano picture of the MBR to give an idea of the layout for a fellow Renotalker. Please pardon the mess!
  5. @mamit Oooo, I love BPS's work. Your house will definitely look awesome!
  6. @Junlong Beautiful and airy! The flat looks so big though! Is it a executive or something?
  7. @lynnzlq your house looks famliar! Has it been featured on some magazine before or something?