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  1. yup include the wall and floor tiles
  2. @Ohwowitsmac Thanks for you reply. Just to check with you on a few things as my layout is same as yours. Your masterbedroom is connected to your bedroom 2 right? The door to the original masterbedroom has shifted as well right? the master bedroom is converted to a walk in wardrobe. Did the previous owner hack the kitchen wall and move in into the masterbedroom? Really lovely place you have.
  3. @ohwowitsmc, How much does it cost for a make over like urs? mind Pming me? You hack your whole kitchen ?? your masterbedroom/changing room together? can share your floor plan on the lay out?
  4. Any contractor can PM me, the cost of hacking a kitchen, cabinet and all. Kitchen area 3400mm x 3300mm TIA. PS: please dun pm me to go down to shop, if you cannot provide me with price
  5. up back this page, i need a HDB certified hacker. TIA for any lobang
  6. Hi, I like to check, how much does it cost to redo the whole kitchen? I see the package rate is 12k-16k is it that ex? If i get a contractor is it cheaper? What is the avg market rate now? Thanks
  7. Hi, Is the 25L digital heater still available can't seem to find the spec on ur website. Able to pm me the price for the 25L digital pump. Just wondering what would be cost diff between digital heater and your smallest commercial heat pump. Thank You
  8. Mind pm me ur id?? And the total cost? I have a similar layout as ur house, weird L shap living room lol. Thanks in advance Is the glass door hard to clean for ur kitchen??
  9. Hi John, Mind sharing the ID and how much the reno? You have my dream bathroom. Thanks in advance
  10. Hi, Your house look really nice, mind sharing the contractor and ur overall budget? Thank