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  1. Hi All PM sent. Hi The fans are Elmark. We bought in JB, Tampoi. Hope it helps. Like this
  2. Hi, thank you so much! I engaged contractor instead of ID. Hi, I chose aluminium door instead of metal door. Thanks for sharing your personal experience with me.
  3. Hi All PM sent. Hi My flooring finishes are not from evorich. It's done by my contractor. The living and 3 bedrooms cost about $5000. Like this
  4. RENOVATION WORK- Part 10 Chemical Wash Hey guys! We are done with renovation. These are the pictures taken after chemical wash. This is how the door look like. Like this
  5. Hi Both the black fans for the living room and grey fans for bedroom are from Elmark, bought from Tampoi Malaysia. The grey one is Elmark Case 48 if I don't remember wrongly! They customize it with LED lighst under the fan. Hey guys! All PM sent! Let me know if you did not receive. Like this
  6. PURCHASES Washing Machine- Samsung WD80 Combo With EcoBubble, 8kg Our family used to use top-loading washing machine instead of front-loading. However, we learnt that front-loading cleans better and are gentler than top-loading. It uses less water. The only thing I don't like about front-loading washing machine is it takes longer washing time. The size is also suitable for washing curtains! This is a gift from our close friend, so we will take it! TV Samsung 55” SUHD 4K Curved Smart TV KS7500 Series 7 I don't think we need a 55'' TV because our living room is so small (about 3m). Personally, I prefer a decent size of 50'' but my husband wants a big TV. Sorry I'm not very into those technical purchases. Samsung TV's colours are too vibrant for my liking. I'm a SONY fan. I also don't like curve TV. Nevertheless, I must say we bought this during Sitex 2016 at a very good deal! Fridge Thanks everyone for giving me suggestions! We have decided on the Mitsubishi 418L MR-V50E-ST-P 3-DOOR FRIDGE. Previously, I was saying that I would not consider stainless steel fridge. Now, I feel like slapping myself. We saw the stainless steel version of Mitsubishi 418L MR-V50E-ST-P 3-DOOR FRIDGE. It looks great and more atas! In fact it's more expensive than the black version (like $50 more). However, the stainless steel version was sold out! The next stock was arriving in end Dec or early Jan 2017. The sales person at GC said there will be an upcoming expo show and they are expecting some stocks coming in. Ohhhhhhh yes! He was not able to confirm the actual pricing as the promotion details were not finalized. He said he message us once the details is finalize. Okay! We were very excited when he said there are ready stock! When we asked if he is able to reserve one for us, he agreed. The next day we messaged him and he told us there are SOLD OUT. The stock will only arrive in Jan 2017!!! SO ANGRY. He promised that he can reserve for us now he said SOLD OUT. We went try to ask at all other stores but it seems like this model is all sold out. The next shipping will arrive in Jan 2017. We wanted to shift to the new house in mid Dec so we can't wait for the fridge. We tried to ask for assistance from the same salesperson that we bought the TV. We went to the shop and he introduced us another model. Panasonic NR-BX468XS 2 Door Refrigerator It's a 2-door fridge comes with a very simple and clean design. No handle, bumps or frame. Looks aesthetically pleasing. The freezer is at the bottom of the fridge. The advantage of having a bottom freezer will leave room for all of the fresh foods and beverages being refrigerated at eye level. There are 3 separate casings for the freezer to prevent mixing of odours. The most important thing is that energy efficient! It scores 3 ticks for the energy efficiency rating! The best score for all the shortlisted fridge. Ok! We have finally confirmed the purchase of the fridge! Like this
  7. RENOVATION WORK- Part 9 Kitchen Glass Door Hey guys! Sorry for disappearing for a while and replying late. Renovation and furnishing is really very stressful! Remember the glass door for my kitchen that I mentioned in my first post? The initial idea is hack half wall and the kitchen will be partitioned from the dining area with black think frame of Aluminium fixed window and swing door. In the end we hacked the whole hall to make the kitchen look more specious. But the problem is..... we will cook often! AND..... we already bought a fabric sofa. So now, I wanted to stick to the original plan of having a glass door. Everyone in the family has different opinions. It's really a love hate situation! My husband loves the openness of the kitchen and against the idea of installing the glass door. But I hate to have the smell in the living room, especially on fabric sofa. Even my contractor said the kitchen will look ugly with the glass door! He suggested us to stay in the house for some time before we decide if we should install the glass door. It's really a dilemma. I started to research online on different types of glass door that suitable for our house. Omg! These black frame of glass door looks so pretty! We asked my contractor if he can do this for us. He said that if we want to have this kind of thin black frame, it is made of metal instead of aluminium. Although it looks very sleek, the metal frame will turn rusty over time. It is heavier and more costly than aluminium door. But I really love how it looks!!!! After hearing his opinions, I started to look for aluminium black frame door design. This is the most ideal aluminium black frame what I have found and I showed it my contractor. My contractor said if I want to do a similar door like this. He can make 3 panels for the glass door. One panel is fixed and two panels are sliding. Seriously, I couldn't imagine how it looks. So I drew out the doors myself using my very lousy skill to get a better understanding of what he means. Yeah, so this is how it will look like. However, the contractor warned me that the black frame door is made of aluminium door so it will not look so thin. I kept asking him if it's possible to make it thiner but he said the thickness will be about 2.5 to 3 inches. The thickness of the aluminium is essential to hold the glass.
  8. Hi 81chimphua, Yes. The surface of the black fridge is something like shiny black diamond which make it looks more atas! That's why I also love it! Hi Ventot! Thanks for sharing with me your opinion! Hi Kingandbin! Thank you very much for your kind compliment! I was so stressful when I need to choose the colour for the wall and the laminates, the type of tiles for toilet. I'm glad they turn out well. You really know me well!! I can't agree with you more on the choice of the fridge. I think we will decide between black and white rather than stainless steel as our ultimate choice. I love the hitachi fridge in white tempered glass and it really blend well with the marble backsplash and countertop! We were ready to make the purchase. When the salesperson said the plastic area will turn yellow over time, we were completely taken back. The black one is really more stylish and sleek. This is how it looks like in reality. My only concern is that I afraid it may make the kitchen too dark! We will go down to check out other shops before making the final decision. The more choices we see the more confused we are! hi cancan83! Yes. My uncle's current fridge is stainless steel. Some of the parts are scratched due to daily usage and it turns rusty. I think I will go for either white, black or grey fridge to keep the colour consistent!
  9. Hi pipsqueak! Thank you so much for your compliment! : The legs are made of steel/metal while the surface is made of "fake" marble. It's a steal as I bought it at half price from Lifestorey. I had headache finding the dining table. The size is 140 x 90 and it is rather heavy and bulky! My mum keeps complaining to me that it is too big for my dining area. I like your marble dining table very much! I saw it at Crate & Barrel right after I bought my dining table. I preferred your legs as is slimmer and the marble is more chio but the cost is also quite expensive! Hi Edger03 It's homogenous tiles! Real marble is more difficult to maintain as it will get stained easily. Hi Pes Thank you very much The kitchen laminate is called Oceanic. Looks like bluish grey to me. My contractor used black laminate for the edge of the cabinet. This is a photo with closer look.
  10. PURCHASES Fridge Shortlisted the list of fridge. Every one introduced us different brand for different shop we went. We are really noob and know nothing about the electrical applicances. It is really a headache to choose the electrical appliances. 1. Hitachi R-V480P3MS The sales person said Hitachi is a good Japanese brand. The tempered glass is better than stainless steel as it will not turn rusty and easier to clean and maintain compared to stainless stain. We really like the clean look. It comes in white, grey and black for thee Tempered Glass. We were deciding between the white and grey. 2. Mitsubishi 3-Door Fridge MRV50E2G Before we confirm our purchase of the Hitachi fridge, we went to another shop and another salesperson introduced us this Mitsubishi model. He said that Mitsubishi is well known for its air conditioner system and therefore the same system is used for the fridge. It is a 3-door fridge and the height of 180cm is a good fit to our kitchen cabinet height of 187cm, leaving reasonable space for ventilation. He also shared that the fridge can be placed near the kitchen wall as there are not protruding parts behind the fridge. The original retail price is about $1,300 ++ and now is selling at $1,100 ++. The price seems to be a good deal since it strongly recommended by the salesperson. I very excited to show the fridge to my mum. However, it seems like old folks don't like dark colour. She asked me if there is stainless stain colour or grey colour. I managed to find the stainless stain version! Which one is better? Any opinion? TV Any one has any recommendation for TV? We are looking at Sony, Samsung and LG.
  11. Hello @lalashir I realized that we had a lot similar purchases and really love the design of your house!
  12. RENOVATION WORK- Part 8 Lighting This the lighting plan. We will be using track lights for living room and kitchen without the need for false ceiling. Most are the standard lighting points provided by HDB with minimum modification. Black Fans and long track lights **** room and a shorter track lights for the featured brick wall. Personally, I preferred white track lights than black track lights but my partner said there is no contrast. Btw, any suggestion for placing the angle of track lights? Track lights for kitchen and LED lights installed under the kitchen cabinets. Pendant lights to pair with our marble dining table and corridor along the bedrooms. Lights at service yard. Lights at toilet. Fan with LED lights at master bedroom. Fan with LED lights at bedroom 3. Revised Lighting My aunt visited our new flat last week. She shared that we had too much lights in the living room. It is not good for fengshui as it is too hot and fierce for the house. She also commented the color we chose is too cold. Will blog in a separate post on fengshui for our house. After hearing their comments, we reduce the number of track lights. Now the track lights is reduced from 6 to 4 for living room. The track lights is reduce from 5 to 3 for living room. I think we bought too much extra track lights and we still have about 8 track lights. We are considering to sell the extra track lights. OH NO!! We installed the Elmark fan with the lights at the bedroom 3 and master bedroom on different days. We didn't realized the lights for the bedroom 3 and master bedroom are of different colours! It is very obvious and ugly and totally not acceptable. The one in the bedroom 3 is of warm lights but it is very bright. However, the one in the master bedroom is white light but it is very dim! We tried to see if we can adjust the colour of the lights but it didn't work! Maybe we should contact the salesperson at Tampoi to see if he can help or exchange the lights.
  13. Hi The doors were from the supplier of my contractor. It is a love hate relationship with door. I really louvre design but it was very noisy whenever you close the door. It is also very difficult to maintain and clean due to the louvre design. All my family members don't really like the door because they said this bi-fold doors is not lasting. Hi Thanks for sharing. I didn't know this is the kind of door of toilets in US.
  14. Hi pipsqueak Thank you for your suggestion! I installed the gold handles for my grey kitchen cabinets and black handles for my white wardrobes!