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  1. For all who asked. My ID is Ing Hou from Hall Interiors.
  2. Hi, thanks for visiting my T-blog. I know, Photobucket is greedy and I don't want to support their greed. What I've done is to post 3 pictures of my completed place in my very first post. Hope you can see them Have a good weekend!
  3. It's been just about a year since I moved in. Things still all good. But I'm still looking for accessories to complete the look. My ID is also still on the lookout for accessories for me. In the past year, I have gone with him on 2-3 occasions to buy soft furnishings, so I can say that he really does a start to finish job.Every once in awhile, when he comes across something he thinks will suit my place, he will msg me. Besides this, he will still respond when things break down. E.g, when I had issues with one of my mouldings coming loose 9 months after the reno, he sent his guys down promptly to fix it. He also got his guys to come down after a week to touch up the paint in the area where the moulding came loose. All this with no extra cost. So all in all, am very satisfied with his service. P.S. if anyone wants to contact me, pls pm me as I only come in here very rarely now that my reno is done. P.P.S Sorry about the lack of picture. Photobucket really did a number on their users and I don't have the time to re-upload all the photos. If and when my ID decides to take shots for his portfolio, I will upload those photo. Edit- I have posted some pictures of my completed place in my first post.
  4. Hi @BudgetLP, I've sent you a pm. Haha, yes, bachelor's pad.
  5. @Mannequin I think your inbox is full, can't pm you on the tempered glass backsplash.
  6. Good morning, I've pmed all those who have ask for my ID's name and company. @Mannequin - I don't have a hood. Didn't want one as there is a lot of ventilation in my kitchen and I don't do much cooking.
  7. @Twinkie - Thanks for your kind words. Will PM you. @ahmiu - Yup, so far so good. No paint dropping off, but it has only been about 6 months.
  8. @Alfredator Thank you for your kind words. I actually find the dark colours quite soothing. I honestly thought that it would be too dark, but so far so good. I like it best at night with my warm lights... I'll pm you the ID and quote.
  9. Thank you very much @Razor Rahman. My living room windows are facing east. So i get morning sun.
  10. @kachan @teremine @nestlee Thank you so much for your kind words. All PMs have been sent.
  11. Sorry for being MIA, was on a long break. If I am not too late here are the replies: @Desmond Teo and @Metroid - Yup, all my lights were from Verde @buzzer I concealed behind the wall. As for the price, will PM after I check.