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  1. Hi, where did you get the dining table from?
  2. Nice. Is that a motorized blind in your service yard? Did I see a mosquito net too? Looks cool.
  3. Thank you. Looking forward to more updates from you!
  4. Hi, can you share the floor plan measurement too? Thx!
  5. I think you are a fool from Hoho. No homeowner or anyone in the right mind will casually accept "some small defects". You are not spending $30 on a set of Lego with scratches on them; these are not only expensive items but also time consuming work. What a fool.
  6. Hi Victor, mind sharing the name of your ID? Thanks.
  7. Hi, could you please share the name of this barbaric person/company who caused such a trauma in your life? Definitely going to blacklist him.
  8. Hi, can't seem to message you John. Can someone kind enough to PM me his ID name and the company? Would be great if you could send over the quotation/total costs for the reno too. Thanks!