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Found 24 results

  1. Hi everyone. i’m super new to this forum pls forgive if this topic is under wrong category recently bought this house and when we were about to engage contractors to change our living room windows we bumped into a huge roadblock. I’ve attached pics of my living room window basically we are unable to change the window or window grills because its attached to the concrete. Apparently we need to engage with PE (precision engineering) to even remove the grills which will cost more than $3k. we went to check with 2 of our neighbours below to see whether their window grills looked like ours. I’ve Attached my neighbours windows and its not the same as ours (the below part) is there any other alternatives for this? How can we refurbish the windows and grills if we are unable to change?
  2. Hi All, Have seen many topics resolving the HDB Inspection and on the Windows Declaration. But couldn't find any answers before. I am a Seller, Completion next month very soon. Already received HDB Completion Letter along with the sets of documents required. Then comes the Windows Declaration. By right HDB Inspection will covers the Windows too right? Inspector didn't say anything about the Window back then! So how would i know if mine are alright or are already the stainless steel rivets (for the Casement Windows), have cross checked with HDB Website, BCA Website, BCA Window Day 2020 + Contractor Video, but can't find any proper guide on whether mine are aluminium or already stainless steel rivets? Haven't modify the windows for the longest time, the last time for the Casement Windows was for the HDB Home Upgrading back in 2003, for the "Extra Room" behind Kitchen, it's called the "Standard Plus" package according to the documents i kept, but it simply did not indicate how many windows were upgraded back then. I have total of 3 Casement Windows: 1) Extra New Room 2) Kitchen 3) Bedroom 2 Going over to take photos tomorrow! Appreciate any help on this, Many thanks in advance, Anxious Puzzled Seller 😭
  3. Hi, I would like to share with fellow forumners my happy experience with Andy of Home Aluminium Metal works for window installations. In fact I'd found Andy's contact through recommendations in this forum as well. I contacted Andy early Jan when things were not working out with my ID and I knew I had to take things into my own hands if I want to move in on time. I started to pull out items and services that would not affect the overall progress and window was one of those. As mine is a 3Rm resale unit, all windows need to be overhauled. Andy was quick to respond. During our first meeting, he drafted out the quotation on-the-spot after my brief and gave me practical advice on the choices available. I was impressed as getting quotations and follow-up revisions had been tedious with my ID. I also had no basis of comparison for his prices apart from my ID. However Andy assured me that their prices are reasonable. I felt his trustworthiness even though it was our first meeting and paid him $1k deposit upfront. To be honest I had my reservations thereafter. However, within the next two days, Andy text me to arrange a date for his workers to come take measurements. His team also wasted no time and within a couple of days, all windows and grilles were nicely up.(see pics below). It has indeed been a breeze working with Andy and where there were problems with installations, we resolved it together. What was refreshing for me was that he kept the communications throughout and was always responsive. Unlike many suppliers/contractors out there who would stall or become totally unresponsive, after you sign with them. I also found later that his prices are indeed very reasonable. I even got myself a solid gate, in addition, for the same price my ID quoted me for just windows and grilles. It's well installed and nicely painted too. So much so that even my fussy mum was in approval. Hence, I'd strongly recommend "Home Aluminium Metal Works" for all your windows, grilles and gate installation needs. Look for Andy! 90036263. http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/280x200q90/661/NrRwxK.jpg http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/280x200q90/661/G82KCG.jpg http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/280x200q90/540/jIQp60.jpg
  4. Hi, Anyone use mosquito net for your windows? Wondering what are the options out there? How is it installed? DIY or have to hire professionals to do it? As we're going to be staying in low floor, so we're considering getting it.. Reviews and ideas are all welcome~
  5. Your One-Stop Sound Insulation Window Specialist Fortuna Soundproof Windows specialise in Singapore Residential Homes to provide quality premium Soundproof Windows and Doors Solutions. Ranging from double glazing, triple glazing, built in blind system, multiple locking system, tinted and low-e glass. Till date, we have more than 800 households with our premium windows and doors. Our starred window profile: UPVC (Unplasticised PolyVinyl Chloride) is widely used in Europe region because of its excellent soundproofing and heat reduction properties. Our product testing have records to show that our STC rating can attain 41STC and help our customers to reduce noise from 80decibels to an average of 40-50 decibel reading. Our premium product also comes with an extended warranty as compared to Aluminium Windows that are light-weight and less durable. How Soundproof Works? In a nutshell, a good soundproof windows requires UPVC window profile that has 4-6 chambers within ; double - triple glass glazing ; 3 to 5 point locking mechanism to keep the window gasket shut tightly when locked, premium accessories (handle, window arm, screws, gasket) that is more durable in warm and humid countries. Lastly, the team of dedicated installer that has more than 25 years of experience in installing windows and doors. What is uPVC uPVC is an Unplasticised Polyvinvyl Chloride and mainly used in doors and windows. The advantages of uPVC are far more superior to aluminium. What does it mean by having double, triple or more glazed windows? Window can come in number of glazed windows. An increased of panes glass can result in more effective and efficient purpose of removing noise and dispersing loss of heat. Right on time when we were done installing. Here's a video of our soundproof door doing its magic by cancelling the rain noise. Built in Blind Why do people want to soundproof their home? Because they want to get rid of these problems: 1) Unwanted noise 2) Insomnia 3) Sudden & loud noise 4) Bring adverse health issues Decibels (DB) is used to measure the intensity of a sound. Our humans’ ears are incredible sensitive and higher db can harm your ears. If you are staying at this area shown here, we recommend you soundproof your home as to have some peace and enjoyment. Each and every product is customized based on measurement and your personalization. They are all hand made in house that we take full pride for it. We guarantee quality and satisfaction. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can contact us through our: ⓕFB: https://www.facebook.com/FortunaWindow ?Website : http://www.fortunawindow.com/ ?Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fortunawind0w/ ?Email: Sales@fortunawindow.com ☎️Phone: 6453-5555 Or visit our showroom at 10 Kaki Bukit Road 1, KB Industrial Building #03-22 (Level 2). Please contact before coming to avoid disappointment. Example of the Installment done HDB Corridor Casement Open Inwards with Built in Blinds Condominium 3/4 Height UPVC Windows BTO Open Inwards Landed Property- Full Height Soundproof Windows Resale HDB Kitchen UPVC Windows HDB UPVC Double Glazed Casement Window Series
  6. Just wish to share about the bad experience I had with HoHo Engineering and Renovation Works. Everything seemed fine at first...reasonable rates, accommodative with custom grilles, and prompt appointment made in measurement. After receiving first deposit, everything went downhill. Windows installed had scratches and the rubber seals were poor, misaligned and some plain jutting out. Marker ink was left on the glass, and impossible to clean as it was at the rubber sealed sides. Then grilles were installed and it was a nightmare!!! I had to call them to fix the alignment, the scratches, and gaps. The sides were not joined properly, and the sealant/silicon was a mess...rough and easily causes injuries... and I have a kid! The service was worse, kept taking their own sweet time to get back to me, or arrange the worker to go down and fix. Each time they come down, I'd go inspect, and it would be like NOTHING was done! This went on like 3 times...till finally I had one worker who came down and I pointed out all the areas that needed fixing. He did them on the spot and was the most helpful in my entire experience with HoHo. Not to mention, HoHo is fantastic at CHASING FOR PAYMENT. That would be the ONLY time they would get in touch with me and very prompt. Other than that, it was like I didn't exist. Then when the grilles weren't even fixed, they had the audacity to ASK FOR FINAL PAYMENT. I am definitely not that stupid, to pay them and never hear from them again..with my misaligned and scratched up windows and grilles. Then when it came to the final payment, they told me the amount...which was higher than what I had recorded down. When questioned, they actually said, "Oh, the accounts missed out one payment" and thankfully I had my payment proof. One word of 'Sorry' and yet still they again said the wrong amount...sheesh! NEVER EVER going to use their services again. I do NOT recommend HoHo whatsoever. Their workmanship and service sure befits their name: HoHo...a joke.
  7. there are 3 items will make a big impact on your housing renovation: wall covering, flooring and windows decor. How to choose a curtain to fit your interior design?
  8. Hi, I'm looking for recommendation of sound proof window. Meanwhile, I've consulted REHAU and NYTC, anyone here had used them before? Can you provide me some reviews or comments? Thank you very much
  9. there are 3 items will make a big impact on your housing renovation: wall covering, flooring and windows decor. How to choose a curtain to fit your interior design?
  10. Dear all, Kindly advise if you have any contacts for Bi folding Windows contractor. Will be looking for something as per attached pictures. Windows without the bottom track. Thanks In Advance.
  11. Looking to change the sliding windows and grills for a 25 year old 4 rm hdb flat (living room, 3 bedrooms and kitchen windows and grills) Quoted 3.6k for windows and 1.3k for window grills = $4.9k Another quoted me $4.1k in total Is this ex? appreciate your advise and any good recommendation too?
  12. Hi all, I am going to renovate my flat (common corridors). And 1 of the items is to replace the windows with tilt & turn type. I like this windows because it allows more light in, higher secure (if window tilted) and helps to reduce noise (if closed). Has any1 mounted this type of windows in HDB? And is it compliant with the HDB's requirement? Secondly, am I allow to mount the grills as it facing the common corridor and window (behind the grills, nearer to living room). Thanks for advice.
  13. Can anyone suggest someone in SG that can help us achieve this for some internal windows in our new reno? Even if the windows are bare metal and we prime and paint them ourselves is ok.
  14. Hi All, wondering if anyone has any advice on what colour to choose for the windows? The frame I chose is powder coated, and I'm toying between blue and green. Not sure if blue is too hard to match (the rest of my house will be cream/ yellow/ purple)... or whether green is nice... If you have any photos from the inside of the house, do share! Thank you! =)
  15. Hi I'm new to this forum. I just bought a unit and one side of the apt gets some afternoon sun. I was contemplating to change the window panels to darker glass to block out the sun. But I came across solasheeld at the Home Fair at Expo last week and learned that I could install solar film (like those we use on the cars) on the existing windows to block out the sun too. I was quoted an estimate but they will have to take actual measurements to give an exact quote. Im looking for more recommendations to compare and any feedback on installing solar film at home. Thank you!
  16. We are new here going to take over the 1st resale flat in our lives, a 3NG flat at AMK. Plan to only change all windows, doors, toilet bowls and perhaps the wall paint. Since im not going to change the rest of the house, is it still advisable to look for a contractor? or just find my own windows supplier etc and ask them to install as well? First timer here so not very sure. Greatly appreciate all advise from everyone here. Concerned with both quality of work and budget here.