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  2. I don't understand. Is the movers industry sooo competitive? When I was moving stuff from my previous flat to EBC Storage, I used Promise Movers. They are 'partner' with EBC and was recommended by them. The day the manager came to my house, he seemed friendly and started talking about his experiences in the industry to a point where it was becoming boastful. When I told him that the only other quote I was planning to get is from Shalom, he assured me that theirs is the cheapest and even tried to smear them indirectly. He made me sign up with them on-the-spot. However when Shalom's quote turned out actually cheaper by more than a hundred dollar, I asked him to reduce his. Not sure if it's for the reason, his attitude was not exactly bad, but he became even more reticent and evasive to some of my queries and requests later. Being a details and highly organised person, I'd stayed till 3am the day before the move, to label, organise and even numerised each box carefully. I'd told him specifically what I did and how they should be careful with esp those labeled "Fragile'. I don't think he actually listened as he started telling long stories (again) about his 'experiences' and how he's handled even more expensive items; serving 'high net worth clients'..etc I vividly remember the day he and his men came to my house. My gosh....it was like some Japanese soldier had just raided! Without asking, checking, any warnings, they 'got to work' immediately. They were so 'efficient' that more than half of the 30 odd boxes were literally swept up in minutes. Just imagine, even those labeled 'Fragile'. I saw them turning up few such boxes and it was like I could hear the crack in my heart! I got so mad and had to shout to get his attention to put a stop to it! He also showed displeasure although he didn't say it, when I said I was going to take a ride with them to the warehouse. Throughout the journey, he got to his stories again and unguarded, I only realised the sacarsam and snide remarks that he actually was making to me He said that his men are all locals, v experienced...been with him many years..etc. Yes, indeed they were 'so experienced' they were actually 'rough-handling' my stuffs. My marble coffee table was not even wrapped and left on the floor in the warehouse for months!.It was only brought to my attention, paded and polywrapped by Shalom movers when I hired them to move it out last month. I also saw his men 'thumping' and throwing my boxes instead of stacking them up according to the numbers I'd painstakingly labeled. okay never mind that, at one point one of them even threatened " you want space or you want us to pack nicely'? I was like 'what kind of threat is that'?! I merely replied nicely : " Bang, I want space and I want it packed nicely also!' When I moved my stuff out from the warehouse, I used Shalom - the only issue I had with Shalom was that they are rather rigid about 'moving dates'. There's charges for every date change. So you have to be very sure about your 'moving date' when you use them. But otherwise, two thumps up for Shalom Movers! Very professional, careful movers. You won't be disappointed! Look for Zack! And this time, they even took turns to squeeze behind the trucks in order for me to sit comfortably in front. Use Promise Movers at your own risk! Now, there are very obvious, badly scratches on the edge of my marble coffee table...sigh!
  3. In this case, it is clear that: 1. the seller agent persuaded the elderly to sell their flat instead of rent 2. seller agent took advantage of the ignorance of the elderly, in fact, all he needs to do is not explain the details or what is considered 'legal' and 'final' once signed 3. seller agent was pushing and rushing the sales through in order to secure his commission Yes, there are good agent and problem agent. and there are good client and problematic client. In this case, the elderly does not have the money nor know even when/how to 'scold' agent. Such is the case and very purpose why and how CEA is established. btw, are you an agent?
  4. Hi Anray, I think it is reasonable however, I'm pretty sure you'd be able to get a better price with Andy. No harm getting another quote right. And from what I know, it doesn't make any difference with or without grilles. I also did mine without grilles except for the living room and common room windows. At the end of the day, the quality, workmanship and most important for me, work ethics and chemistry with your contractor are just as important.
  5. Hi Joemit, May I have your painter and plumber's contact as well. Like to keep a couple good recommendations for rainy days! Thx!
  6. Hi, I would like to share with fellow forumners my happy experience with Andy of Home Aluminium Metal works for window installations. In fact I'd found Andy's contact through recommendations in this forum as well. I contacted Andy early Jan when things were not working out with my ID and I knew I had to take things into my own hands if I want to move in on time. I started to pull out items and services that would not affect the overall progress and window was one of those. As mine is a 3Rm resale unit, all windows need to be overhauled. Andy was quick to respond. During our first meeting, he drafted out the quotation on-the-spot after my brief and gave me practical advice on the choices available. I was impressed as getting quotations and follow-up revisions had been tedious with my ID. I also had no basis of comparison for his prices apart from my ID. However Andy assured me that their prices are reasonable. I felt his trustworthiness even though it was our first meeting and paid him $1k deposit upfront. To be honest I had my reservations thereafter. However, within the next two days, Andy text me to arrange a date for his workers to come take measurements. His team also wasted no time and within a couple of days, all windows and grilles were nicely up.(see pics below). It has indeed been a breeze working with Andy and where there were problems with installations, we resolved it together. What was refreshing for me was that he kept the communications throughout and was always responsive. Unlike many suppliers/contractors out there who would stall or become totally unresponsive, after you sign with them. I also found later that his prices are indeed very reasonable. I even got myself a solid gate, in addition, for the same price my ID quoted me for just windows and grilles. It's well installed and nicely painted too. So much so that even my fussy mum was in approval. Hence, I'd strongly recommend "Home Aluminium Metal Works" for all your windows, grilles and gate installation needs. Look for Andy! 90036263. http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/280x200q90/661/NrRwxK.jpg http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/280x200q90/661/G82KCG.jpg http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/280x200q90/540/jIQp60.jpg
  7. hi I dunno much about sinks or their brands. But when I was shopping for one, I chanced upon my double bowl granite sink at Euro-one, a few shops from Heritage. It has all that I was looking for in a sink: 1. double bowl - as I was already used to my washing habits previously, esp having space for wet rubbish collection 2. granite - for the solid yet classic look and feel 3. most importantly, it is 'made in Germany' and they were selling it at $198! The only issue is it's over 1000mm length. Hence I double checked with my then ID and grabbed it! It is really a steal as it was a display piece from their project. Can check out this shop as they have such clearance from time to time. Have to say I'm really happy with it so far. And it is top mounted.
  8. I bought my dinning light from LITE Fusion. It was their last piece and he readily agreed to giving me a small discount and was attentive. Didn't ask for his name but the shop is small so he must be Marcus?
  9. HI TS, This sounds like a buyer-agent push/con case. To my understanding, yes, OTP is a legal doc. However, it is NOT THE DOC. ie. It is an 'Option to Purchase'..until the date to 'exercise the right to purchase'. Meaning between the day the OTP is signed (by both parties) and the dateline/cooling period which in this case seems to be 8 March? During this period, seller has every right to reject/cancel the sale to buyer. Only thing is the $1k deposit needs to be returned. However, once the dateline is passed and buyer has proceeded to exercise the right to purchase, there's really no turning back. In any case, all this should have been clearly explained by the agent. Hence, you might have a case and there's nothing to loose in you seeking legal advise. There are such pro-bono services held in every district these days. I'd also learnt and benefited from my agent when I sold my 4rm flat and he is one experienced, transparent agent I'd recommend to anyone looking to buy/sell your HDB flat. All the best.
  10. No. Mine's an established SME and HDB registered. Anyway, things are shaping up and the pain is ending in three days!
  11. Hi Kelvin, Can pm me your electrician contact, may get quote for carpentry as well. thanks in advance
  12. yeah fingers cross again. Anyway, my flooring's all done. will post up pix if allswell..btw, I contacted Wilson, his prices indeed cheaper but I don't dare to use his service leh
  13. Never mentioned prior. He did not charge for raising the level. His quotation for hacking the living was $500. plus another $400 for cement laying. I refused and asked for alternative so he came up with this 'solution'.. anyway that's why this ID 'CMI" and having so much issues with them. Sigh! I guess you're right but it wouldn't be that much 'shorter' right?