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  1. Hi dear all, Need some advice. After shifting place, I have some furniture in the old house need people to help come dispose them. Do you all have any lobangs or know anyone that you would recommend to help clear the items? Called my town council was told they only help dispose 3 items max and no wardrobes, bed frames, big bulky items they don't do. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi dear all, I just moved into a new place & in need of some advice. My partner likes the home especially bathroom & bedroom to spell a bit like those spa e.g. lemon grass, lavender fragrance. We have visited a few options over the weekends. Just wondering what you all using and which is better especially if you all have some prior experience using them. 1. Tried the Mr & Mrs fragrance, the fragrance find them so so not very appealing & wonder is it strong enough for the room though the sales person claim no problem can. 2. Tried Mt Sapola, they have those diffuser sticks, burners for essential oils, electric burners, air diffuser. Quite like the air diffuser but need top up many drops of essential oil & like going to be high maintenance cost. 3. Diffuser sticks are cheaper but smell like pretty weak and sales person said since it's constantly giving out fragrance our nose may become immune to the smell after a few months. 4. Muji diffuser, giving out moist too, partner was wondering we don't always turn on aircon 24x7 so air not that dry don't need more moisture. Any good recommendations? Thanks in advance!
  3. Quick updates: 1. Went HDB was told they don't handle agent cases refer me to CEA. 2. Went CEA was told no strong case as all communications are verbal. Exclusive agreement is between seller and agency office they don't interfere. 3. And in HDB terms & conditions document, did mention before 1st appointment seller can write in to cancel transaction. However HDB did warn they can cancel it but buyer side can take legal action against seller and they will not be involve as it's between buyer and seller, HDB just facilitate the transaction. 4. With regards to compensating the buyer so that she can go look for another unit earlier, the seller agent demanding the full 2% commission, it’s a debatable case as deal didn’t go through. Legal point of view is that not worth for agent to file a suit as will easily cost more than 10 grand. What agent could do is to file for small claims tribunal. In this way, both sides cannot be represented by lawyer and judge will do the hearing. Could be do not need pay agent or pay agent half the commission or worst case pay full amount. Already also mentioned if only seller agent willing to convert sales into rental he will still get some commission. I acknowledge the fact he did do some work so willing to compensate him like $1K but he kept saying if deal didn’t go through he has rights to the full 2% commission which is $5K+. 5. Anyway now buyer said want to go ahead with deal as the unit she considering taken up. 6. Buyer already fixed HDB 1st appointment on 20th April now racing against time. Really tough situation man like can't think of other alternatives already. Any other advise would be deeply appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Sorry for not updating earlier as real busy with work lately plus need to sort out this issue being running around seeking MP's advice & legal advice too. Still remember the buyer saying not willing to accept compensation and wants to go ahead to get the unit. Then last week buyer said willing to take compensation, including the initial $1K deposit plus valuation & registration fee total around $7K. Then seller agent said since in this case deal didn't go through due to seller's fault so want commission of around $5.5K too. Total damage around $ 12.5K which I find not worth it & no logic. Then this week, got message from seller agent said buyer saw another unit and willing to let go of my mum's unit if compensate $1K plus the initial deposit of $1K plus valuation & registration fee total around $2.2K which I'm actually willing to compensate and close the case. The buyer give me just like less than 10 hours to consider as she said another buyer is looking at the same unit as her too. Then the 'dear' seller agent said same thing since in this case deal didn't go through due to seller's fault so want commission of around $5.5K too. Of course I said now is buyer wants to back out but he said it's not, it's just that buyer willing to consider alternative option else will still stick to plan to get the unit. So went to seek legal advice and ask agent to communicate to buyer to see if can extend by 1-2 days. Then next morning seller agent said the unit taken so buyer still going ahead to get my mum's unit. And from legal point of view for $5.5K he find the agent won't take legal suit as would not worth it and too costly. Instead he may go to small claims tribunal and file a case whereby judge will do hearing and both sides cannot be represented by lawyers. It's going to be 50-50% chance of winning. Worst case have to pay him the $5.5K plus the registration fee, transport fee etc but won't amount to too much. Or judge may say pay half. Best part checked with my parents they said agent didn't say if deal didn't go through still need pay him commission but agent said he did mention about it & stated in the papers. And there's total 4 sets of documents he didn't give any copies to my mum saying she didn't have an email so he safe keep them. Only when I asked for them then he emailed me. What kind of agent is this? I'm trying to be fair but I find this agent can't be trusted right haizzz. Now really wonder what other options available?? Really tired going through this episode since CNY.
  5. Hi dear all thanks for the advises and suggestions really appreciate that. I also don't wish to pin point whose fault etc as everyone also has a family to feed and I just want a peaceful resolution. In summary tonight met agents from both sides including buyer. Told buyer my side of the story and listen to her story. Offer buyer the $1K refund plus compensation, buyer didn't accept the offer. Buyer said already paid renovation contractor few thousand as deposit for renovation. How true I don't know. Anyway I also offer to pay whatever the amount buyer pays to contractor. If can only take over unit in May 2015 would anyone pay contractor so early? Thought people only usually pay before commencing work. So benefit of doubt here. Instead buyer quickly wants to exercise the rights to buy even before the valuation report is out and even before the OTP expires in 8 March 2015. Buyer has signed on the OTP to exercise the buyer right and even offer another cheque. Very sticky situation now. Really no turning back? Could it be the agents influenced the buyer as commissions at stake? There's a grey area now too. House is registered under my mum's name, when agent goes through the checklist with my parents, my dad who is present at that time is the one login with the singpass (belonging to my mum) and acknowledged it so do we have a case here as my mum wasn't the one who actually acknowledging it? And my mum still thinks sell house where got so simple one, sign one time (on OTP) means deal is done. All help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi dear all, Need some urgent help with a sticky situation here. Summary: - Basically my parents are planning to rent out their current 3 room HDB unit. - I was planning to help them source for an agent to get people to rent the unit. - They met an agent recently and say may have a buyer. They just want to consider renting or selling but haven't made up their mind as want to see if sell can get how much max. - Then agent today said they already signed the OTP and took $1K as deposit. - What happened is that my parents thought they can refund as they have not yet decided and they never thought the OTP is the final document. - Agent said the cooling off period is before the signing of the OTP. Once signed means cannot back off and can't even return the deposit as no use, unless buyer backs out. - My parents didn't share with me all these until today. Initially few months back they did say want to consider renting out. Lesson learned for elderly people who are not well verse in terms really cannot any how sign papers so dangerous. I need some advice here, any idea can reverse the situation or really no way out? And is what the agent saying correct? Please help, if convenient can also pm me your contact and we can discuss. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi dear all, Need to borrow some brain 'juice' & advice on the following. Having an industrial theme house, what options would you all recommend to cover the windows on days when it's too bright or when you want some privacy? 1. Curtains? Did checked a curtain shop was quoted $1.3K for curtains for 5 windows including living room. Checked out Ikea too calculated all those bars, hooks, ends, curtains add up to around $340 minus installation (which my current reno contractor can help install). 2. Blinds? Hard to clean those strips and bad experience as used in old house spoil already... 3. Putting those window films but can't choose whether when want rooms to be bright or dark as permanently stick onto windows. 4. Roller blinds, scare like blinds may spoil easily... So for industrial theme house, what do you all usually go for please share? Thanks & have a nice day!
  8. Seems like no response. Did some quick checks, there’s someone who bought 3 units of the Relite Petite and all working fine after like a year of usage. Also saw that it’s often featured in local interior design magazines too. And saw that Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf also using the Relite Petite fans. So guess the Relite Petite fans are not bad. https://rumbleinstyle.wordpress.com/2013/09/07/blow-wind-blow/
  9. Hi wyx03_2002 thanks for the detailed reply appreciate that! Did a quick check over the weekend, yes no fiber optic point beside TV point, just telephone point beside it. Saw some quick write up on converting telephone line into LAN line, seems not too challenging. Now wondering where to get the tool to ‘punch’ the cables into the Ethernet keystone, perhaps Sim Lim Tower may have? And when I open up my DB box seems like all the ‘phone’ lines converge into one single telephone point. So if I convert the telephone points into LAN points in the individual rooms, how do you do the splitting in the DB box? Example connect these lines to a switch then connect to the fiber broadband modem. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi dear all, Need some advice here for my new HDB place at Costa Ris @ Pasir Ris. My TV point is located at one side of the wall and I would like to relocate it to the opposite wall as my TV will be placed there. 1. Electrical contractor will know what to do right? Because read in the forum there are people who bought those patch cord cable and pass to contractor to do it, why need to do so? Better quality cable, less interference or? 2. And besides this TV point, is there a fiber optic point just beside it? Or fiber optic point is terminated at the riser box behind the main door? 3. Also understand all the new house telephone points are actually laid using LAN cable so just need to convert the face plate and can use as LAN point already is that true? Thanks in advance!
  11. Hi dear all, need some advice here. I'm searching for a black color fan for my living room to match my industrial theme house. So far shortlised three KDK, Relite Petite and Crestar Icol. KDK is out as not suitable for HDB use as long centre column. Tried searching for reviews on Relite and Crestar and Crestar seems popular among home onwers here. Relite made in India and Crestar made in Taiwan. Rlite is cheaper though and understand from salesman Relite is used some schools, government tender projects etc so not bad. Which would you all recommend and what's your experience with either if you are using them? Thanks a zillion in advance!