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  1. hi joel can you pm me the contact for the painter pls

  2. Hi,

    Can PM me the contact details for your painter and pumbler?




  3. i had recently completed my whole house renovation , i think in terms of workmanship and the speed for this carpentry company from Malaysia recommended by my ID, i will give it 8 out 10. I think he had did quite a good job to deserved some recommendation here. He will listen to our requirement and experience enough to get the job done. Let me know if any one interested.
  4. Hi I am looking for nice design wall fan preferable those without the frame. Anyone can recommend cause I can't really find it in the shop
  5. There are 1-10v , leading edge and phase cut dinmer. You have to get the same type for both driver and dimmer.
  6. hi I was told that all Resales renovation must have the lighting switches or power point KO box to be expose if change to new switches eg: from single gang to double gang or if add power point. Do you have any ideal if this are true? Cos I saw your switches are all conceal.
  7. Dear RID, I have two qns and need your advise. 1) is it true is not allow to conceal the toilet big piping with calcium silicate board? 2) my existing water and gas piping are conceal, my ID had told me that all renovation require the pipe to be expose rather than conceal again, is it the HDB rule? Thanks for replying
  8. As above, are we allow to built a wall to cover the pipe with calcium silicate board ? My ID had quoted me earlier but now mention this was not allow . Anyone can verify ?
  9. Hi Tim, I am moving to a 128msq HDB with living room / dining / 3 bedroom and small study room. can you recommend the system. looking for Panasonic or LG. what is the warranty and payment?
  10. are you referring to my unit? Isell mine at 380k with valuation at 370kBought mine at 560k with valuation at 580k