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  1. HI Snoozee, Can I know what is this enterprise grade wireless access points? "I would be using enterprise grade wireless access points for my WIFI solution. this would eliminate the speed losses which are a common problem with mesh network and wifi extenders." I'm currently using mesh for my apt, and the speed loss is pretty horrid for a 1500sqft unit. So, I really need viable solutions. Appreciate your sharing as usual.
  2. Hi, Has anyone done anti-termite treatment recently and what's the cost like please? I have been quoted $2.5K for anti-termite treatment, and $480 for annual check & extermination package. Any details to look out for? Thanks.
  3. Hi peachpeach, Thanks for the reply. Happy house-hunting!!
  4. Hi Snoozee, Thanks for sharing. I'm doing simple A&A. My place is the old style split level IT. Am considering ducted as the 'wind' is suppose to be stronger and able to cool down the entire level faster. What's holding me back is the maintenance. Suppose to be more troublesome for routine maintenance & cleaning? Can you please share on the maintenance & cleaning costs or routines for your ducted aircons? Thanks Snoozee
  5. Hi peachpeach, Can I know if u decided to flush out? My new place is the old style split level between living & dining too. But, we have decided to keep it. Are you doing reno to the house or A&A?
  6. Hi, Can I know if you went with ducted or cassette eventually? I'm having the same dilemma now.
  7. Hi, Any home owners here used Teng Meng before for the auto-gates?
  8. Haizzz.. Well, we did agree to it and honestly, the owner wasn't that hard to talk to when we viewed the place. He's actually pretty nice to talk to. But, he just want to do things the 'legal & right' way. We actually agreed on 2 weeks rent-free upon completion as he asked for it and seeing that he's got plenty of stuff to move & we were worried that he couldn't manage so we kindly agree to it with the thinking that should he be able to move out in time, he'll surely hand over the keys upon completion... But, to our horror!! He had managed to move out everything in time (probably 1 month before completion, my estimate) but he refuses to hand over the key earlier (as in upon completion). Instead his yaya-papaya lawyer from D&N reiterate on this special condition that we had agreed upon... I tell u... I feel like murdering pple then.. So now just gotta wait for the 2 weeks to be up
  9. Yea, I've decided to buy everything too. I have not decided on anyone yet as there was no floor plan then and previous owner wouldn't allow anyone other than buyer and family (max 4 pax) to enter the house. Totally a PITA. Waiting for the keys and then we can enter the house for the contractors etc to head in and check the place.
  10. Hi Guys, Finally completed the purchase an BCA just approved on the purchased of the plans. But, there are so MANY difference plans. Does anyone knows which are the essential ones to buy so that I wouldn't miss out on any and have to reapply & wait for another week or so for BCA to approve. Do I just buy the set of 5 & 13? ~_~
  11. Hi PWS, I think Snoozee is right. Most if not all OTPs will have a clause that covers the 'illegal' works done unless u get ur lawyer to write in to exclude this clause but then again most sellers will not agree. So, will end up as a ding-dong game. Well, at least for me case, it's clearly stated that sellers accept no responsibility for any (if any) illegal works found.
  12. Reg floor plan, the agents will probably engage a professional to enter the house for full measurements to provide me with a accurate floor plan. Hopefully, this will work well.
  13. Hi snoozee & petetherock, Seller is actually pretty nice guy. It's just that he's not comfortable to provide and there's no way he's gonna authorise anyone to buy the floor plan. No floorplan until completion which is buy in my name. He requested for long completion as he needs a lot of time for his moving out. I'm fine with it since I gotta rent a place anyway as my current unit needs to handover in Oct. I'm not considering a rebuild now mainly due to budget issue as house is solely in my name as spouse has another unit. So, in terms of loan wise, I don't think I'll be eligible for an additional reconstruction loan. So, we want to do some reno/ extension (hopefully within $150-$200K budget) as the living room and kitchen is small for my liking. I do not want to overstretch ourselves at this point of time by getting another loan. Am pretty comfortable with loan-free lives until this recent purchase. Gotta slog it out for the next 15-20years, i guess. 😅
  14. Hi All, Need some advice from u peeps as this is my first landed purchase and seller is not open to applying for floor plan from BCA even after exercise of Option. Reason given was 1. No obligations to give (advice from lawyer), 2. Privacy issues. Has any of you guys here encounter similar issues before? I've never had such issues as been staying in condos and it's so common to just give the floor plan for the buyers to check it out first. Are landed owners all so anal bout floor plans? 😂 Also, any suggestions on how to overcome this issue as completion takes 28weeks, and without a floor plan, I'm at my wits end as to how to plan for reno/ extension etc. It's a 40yrs old IT and in almost original condition. But, am not considering Reconstruction now due to budget so we'll probably come to this in another 5-10yrs time. But, as of now. I'm pretty sure I want to extend the living and kitchen area. Flooring needs to be done as well as some build-ins. Without a floor plan, I cannot ask for quotes properly much less any designs. Oh yes.. Forgot to mention that measurements is not allowed too (Privacy issue). Appreciate any suggestions or solutions.