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  1. wow thanks for your effort! now i see what u mean.. thanks so much snooze
  2. thanks snooze!! always so helpful , appreciate. this house has a particular uncommon position of the gate. where does the boundary start (where do i start measuring the setback)- wall A or B (where the gate is)? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Corner | | | Wall A ------------------------------------------------------------ | | House | | ----------Gate (---------) B------------- ---|-----------------------------------------------------------
  3. yes land about 2800sqft. but then if i remove the family room. it becomes a 3 br only, which is not ideal given i need min 4. in fact, i was hoping to push the master in front and so i can create another room or make room 2/3 bigger. not sure why but the rooms does give a v small feeling when i step into it. but i dont know what is the issue. is pushing out 4m considered great potential that i can potentially add another normal sized room?
  4. the front porch to boundary is about 6.1m main concern is feel master br is abit small. want to know how much can be extended (push out) into the porch area.
  5. i havent ask any builder officially (although i should). this is a corner terrace and i want to see how much i can max it out : 1. side (seems limited and wonder if its even worth it) 2. front porch 3. back (seems right to the end of the boundary, but what can i possibly do since BR 3 is abit small) All the rooms feel abit small, just want to check if u get the same feeling as well? or is this rather standard size.
  6. hello YC, we didnt get that property in the end, cos the split level is 4 steps , which is quite steep versus a common 2 step split which we can still accept. 4 steps v hard to rectify.
  7. Snooze hey thanks for your kind reply again. Yes u are absolutely right in the above assessment. i seem to bump too often into cat 2 (those looking to DG). and they are so sentimental about the house and rather rent it out at lousy rates then to sell it at valuation. this is me not even accounting the fact that market is prob weaker w the virus situation. theres definitely some luck and fate involved. hopefully i can meet mine soon.. thank u !
  8. yes.. quite curious seems like few sellers are all targeting above valuations despite knowing their own valuations. i reckon they are not serious. but i wonder if this is the norm for buyers end up paying cov?
  9. is any one still paying over valuation these days esp for landed?
  10. hi snooze, can i check. say if the archi is only managed to built 1000 sqft on attic. how much more gfa can ur drawing yield?
  11. dear experts, my proposed attic seems abit small and i was told that the attic cannot protrude out of the 45deg slopping line. is there any other way to maximise it
  12. can i assume an ooriginal house in original state shld probably has 1 set of building plans and not multiple right? prob less than 5. how come the agent is telling me $400 odd . weird. all i need is BCA plans right? then i get the Sip and dip later right