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  1. Hi all! Thanks for all the advice There is a small patch of grass behind a semi-d I want to purchase, roughly 20 sqm. Agent says it can be purchased. Any idea how I can check if it can be purchased? Our semi-d twin did not purchase it but other neighbours along the road/street seem to have this land (not claimed by themselves, rather that it seemed to be included from the beginning when I look at the masterplan). Another thing is that how can I check if its possible to dig a basement for a house? Whats the best way to check this before putting in an offer, only to realise there are many limitations when building a home? Lastly, for houses that have a large drain running at the front, is there anything we can do legally to cover it up? Thank you
  2. So sorry to hear this Snoozee. Have there been approvals for building of new houses?
  3. You are simply brilliant and amazing. Thank you for all of your help. Can I ask what’s your background? I almost want you to build my house haha! You’ve been more helpful than anyone we have spoken to. My husband and I are so grateful
  4. You're awesome! Thank you so much. Just wanted to clarify a few points 1) Changing the heights of each floor will mean a new erection? Or could this still pass off as a reconstruction. That means we do not have to tear everything down? And do you have any idea how this might change building costs from a contractors point of view? 2) The existing house was A&A in 1992. The height of the 2.5 storey is 15m limit if I'm not mistaken, which it is now. If possible we want to keep to this existing height which is no longer allowed. The only thing is that the triangular roof tile on the attic take up a lot of space. We are thinking of removing this triangular roof tile to create a "square" attic floor (the last 0.5 storey in a 2.5 storey house) with balcony etc as many new houses are doing as that maximises the overall space. So instead of changing the height, if possible we want to keep to the possibility of the old height but expand it (as it is now fully maximised now)
  5. Hi All Love this forum and the expert opinions! As a newbie wanted to get some advice on the following. My husband and I have found a potential 2.5 storey Semi-D we are interested in. Floor area is around 3500 Sqft. Built up now around 4700. The problem is it is neither here nor there. It is also at a price point where it is too expensive to tear down and do a complete rebuild, and hence we are hoping to get away with an A&A. The house was built in 1992, the exterior is colonial and timeless hence we are happy to keep it. The general layout of the first floor (ratio of setback, ratio of indoor/outdoor) is also something we are happy to adhere too. But there are several alterations we wanted to make. The exterior is a tiled roof house and we are wondering how to keep to this design whilst modifying some areas. 1) Reducing the height of the 1st floor - currently the height is > 3m. In fact, this will likely involve changing the height of all 3 storeys - reduce 1st floor, extending height of 2nd and 3rd floor 2) Flattening all floors (since it was built in the 90s, there are a lot of split levels in the bathrooms, bedrooms etc) 3) Extending the 0.5 storey - currently the top 0.5 storey is really minuscule, and part of the reason is also because of the exterior "Roof" of the house which eats into the balcony space of the 2nd floor and the 0.5 top storey. Hence it does not fully maximise the space compared to the new rebuilds that we see now with flat roofs, balcony on 2nd floor etc 4) Are we allowed to modify structural room/sinks/bathrooms/kitchen layouts as much as possible as long as we are not "extending" the place by GFA? 5) Taking away roof tilings for the 2nd and 0.5 storey Is it possible to extend the attic for houses built in 1990? Or will we have to repile We love the location and the road but it would be awful if we bided for the house only to find out that a total reconstruction is what is needed to achieve our dream house. Looking forward to as much expertise opinion and advice we can get!! Thanks in advance
  6. Thanks for all the help and amazing advice. You guys are truly fantastic! Is there anything I can do to speed up the process and what are time-limiting steps? From what I gather 1) Engage in architect/builder (design and build) for drawings 2) If OK, submit to URA -- takes a month 3) Once URA approves, need to submit to BCA for license and permit to start work What is the TOP cert and how can we obtain this faster? I'm sorry for all the newbie questions. PS - wanted to also ask if you guys had any terraced house building recommendations to suggest especially on retrospect. Maybe a sky roof for more light? Also, did you guys use the attic as an extra bedroom, or entertaining space, or study etc? Interested to find out!
  7. You are amazing and I have seen so many of your posts around @snoozee! Thanks for dishing out all this advice! Is $350 including architect and all the carpentry, sanitary works? What's your opinion on a basement for an inter terrace? Could somebody elaborate a little bit more on basements? Are they always allowed?
  8. Hi! Totally new to this forum but I've realised there are tons of experts on this!! It is my first time buying and reconstructing our home Some details: Type: Interterrace Land: 1800sqft Currently in it's original condition (1960s) 2 storey. We're hoping to tear it down and rebuild to a 2.5 storey + attic. Could somebody let me know the process of how everything works? Some key questions 1) How do I check if a basement can be built? I read something about MRPL. Any way of checking this? Is it worth it to shell another 200-300K (Is that roughly what it costs?) for a terraced basement of a land 1800 sq ft? 2) What is the rough cost of reconstruction for the above? 3) Timeline, and how I could expedite things? We are hoping to move in before Christmas. Likely unrealistic I know. But it would be amazing to spend christmas at the new place. Any tips for inter terraced from all you veteran home doeruppers would be super welcome!! Lastly any affordable architect and builders contact welcome. Thanks in advance!