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  1. I would say best not to buy a house close to a power substation as it is normally cheaper, brings adverse unknown health condition. Thats what I am told when I purchased my house.
  2. The design of my terrace is very typical, quite squarish with glass and enough ventilation. Got some discount as i haggled hard enough with him as i told him that if he did nice some of the people around will also engage him. Only got a 12k good will discount.
  3. did not pay any extra for hidden cost as not much i.d works in my house as it will be over my budget. You can set a budget and ask your contractor to give work on it.
  4. I was in the same situtation last year when i bought an old 2 storey inter-terrace, was quoted $220k for A&A works and $850k to rebuild to 3 storey with attic. My land size was 1868,sqft maximised my gfa to 4400sqft. But not much id works involved in my house only came with kitchen carpentry and bedroom wardrobes. All in all was quite money well spent for my family is big as we needed 6 bedrooms, you can approach my builder ,91307907 for their quote dont think they are too expensive nor too cheap.