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  1. Hi bro, is it ok to share your ID contacts? I getting a similiar unit to yours and hence wanted to get an experience ID for it. Thanks a lot and have a good day. 

  2. Hi SaltedCaramel, Thanks! Vincent is awesome. I have no regrets engaging him.All the best with your reno
  3. CURTAINS and BLINDS We decided to go with curtains for the living room and MBR and roller blinds for the rest of the area. I would only recommend 1 person for your curtain needs: Vincent who is famous very famous in Renotalk. His company is called Garvin Marting Services. We approached a few and Vincent gave us the best price and excellent service. I would recommend that you give him at least 2-3 weeks to do the installation. Also when you meet him, its good to have an idea of what kind of curtain/blinds and the colour that you want. Vincent is very busy and you may have to wait a few days to see him again. He is quite humble and gave us sound advice. We initially wanted Venetian Blinds for our living room. He cautioned us that Venetian Blinds will be quite heavy to lift up as our windows are full height 290cm. He was worried that my wife may have difficulty lifting the blinds. We really appreciated his sincere advice. The installation was very neat and clean and it was all done in 2hrs. He and his sister came down for the installation and they are really pleasant people to work with. For MBR we went with 90%black-out curtains. As for the rest of the bedroom we went with roller blinds as its easier to maintain. We also got a water-proof roller blind for our yard area (it comes with a tension cable to hold it in place in case of strong wind).
  4. Hi shoe. Yup you can use the keys to unlock it manually. I will upload more pics as soon as I can
  5. Hi Tarzan, It also comes with a normal key. If it runs out of battery or there is internal problems, the system will become like a normal lock. The system will let you know when battery is low
  6. I would suggest you check with the retailer. You can also call Bigassfans to see whether they have your details.
  7. Yup it comes with warranty. The warranty will be auto-logged by Bigassfans electronically upon purchase from them.
  8. PURCHASES We purchased this Samsung soundbar from Harvey Norman. The sound quality is quite good. Love that I can stream songs from my phone via bluetooth. It comes with a nice subwoofer We purchased this nice clock from vhive. Wife dont like the idea of hanging clock. Bought this step-ladder from Qoo10 for a good price. It comes with free delivery as well! Bought 2 of these cable management boxes to hide all the ugly wires. Another Qoo10 purchase. We purchased this TV wall mount together with our TV from Megadiscount Store. It was installed by SgBros. They are quite professional and it was installed real fast https://www.facebook.com/sgbros?fref=photo