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  1. Hi Maybelline T, Are you able to let me know how do you differentiate between "the people who listed out the Mover company names is based on their own good and bad moving experiences (which really takes place)" and those who are fakes? Do I need to show a proof on the receipt from the mover company? So far, I supposed nobody has done that. im used to type 'iv' instead of 'i've', likewise 'im' instead of ' i'm'. But anyway, that doesnt proof anything tho. In any case, I am just stating my own experiences here. I am pretty shocked to read such a post (after about 2 weeks) posted by you and the one above when likewise, as a consumer/customer/purchaser/buyer, I dislike reading fake posts as well. You have your own good/bad experiences which you can share because people will read and believe perhaps 70% of it. Do you like it if you are being misunderstood when you posted comments that are truthful? Or perhaps the comments that you posted up, are representing from a certain mover company? I dont know. So I would respect that before you make some negative comments, think over. But anyway, at the positive side, your comments sent reminders to those who are trying to fake their identify in here. It is pointless to argue over such an issue because again, I am lucky to experience good mover, but perhaps you are not and maybe others. Nonetheless, wish you all the best to meet experience and good people. Hi Sentinel, sad to hear that.. Iv got good experience with them actually. Hope you can find a mover that suits you and have trouble-free! All the best!
  2. To michelle lim - i was browsing through when I saw these comments made by other people. Is there a misunderstanding going on here? I am stating about my own point of view and that I, myself, feels worried when it cmes to being cheaper. Iv experienced cheap things ended up being unkind to me. Iv seen negative comments about other movers (even blacklisting movers in other topic/thread). Perhaps you should take a look. I supposed you meant that people who posted nasty/negative comments are tarnishing the competitor's company and is not from their own point of view? this is an honest review based on my own experience. It is alright if you choose not to accept because everyone has their own feedback and different experiences. "as a consumer", I am a consumer myself and what makes you think I am not? Just because I didnt seek other reputable companies like vimbox etc to move, my post becomes a "marketing" for the mover company who helped me to move? So, this forum is all about talking negative things instead of praising others when they do a good job... I see.. But as a professional, that shouldnt be the way to do that. To MaybellineT- You are always feel free to post what you had been experienced. People have different experiences. You may be sensitive to some issues and I may be not. It is all depends on individual. there is a similarities in you and michelle lim. she wrote, "as a consumer", you wrote, "as a customer', I would like to strongly highlight that you can compare prices, compare different companies because that is your choice. If you had bad experience, do post and let us read. I had my good experiences that is why I posted. Do get things right before "smearing" what I wrote. Thank you.
  3. Hi, sorry for being late as I am busy with moving house. I had several quotation with different moving companies. I had decided to engage SG PRO MOVER to help me. They provide on-site survey and quoted a reasonable price for me. The Sales person name,Ben, was friendly and experience. He guided me through the process as this is my first time moving house. The movers are on time and they handled my things with care. Besides that, they are friendly and helpful. Overall, I had a great and fun moving with them. Do contact them if you need any moving services. I only know Ben as the sales person and you can contact him at 96894477. Wish all of you have a good moving experience!
  4. Hello! I am looking for a reliable mover company to move my furnitures. After reading the reviews on Vimbox, I had decided to give it a miss. Any recommendations as I will be moving to my new cozy house and I hope nothing cock up during the transition period. Thank you!