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  1. Lynnyang is obviously trying to bash ETS. This is very unprofessional, most likely a competitor. The thread about Vimbox that they copied was so long ago, and it is almost logically impossible to experience the same thing after 2 long years. Its really funny how people can be so childish. Dear readers, please do not fall for such tricks. If a thread seems like its a personal vendetta against a certain company, it most likely is. A thread like the one about Vimbox Movers 2 years ago also seems like it is a personal vendetta but oh well it was 2 years ago so who cares. Vimbox provided me with good service and I enjoyed it. So either Vimbox improved or that thread is crap.
  2. Dear readers, Last Saturday, I had one of the most pleasant house moving experience. I engaged Vimbox Movers after I saw them being part of the top 5 best movers in Singapore. I did my research on them but still decided to give them a try. In all honesty, their price is only slightly higher than most companies (It was $70/- higher than one of its competitors) but it was definitely mid ranged. I actually took them up on their offer because they were one of the two companies that could meet my auspicious timing and they were able to deliver the boxes within 3 days of the quotation. I was actually quite impressed at how fast they handle things especially the sales person. (You can PM me to get his contact) So last Saturday, I got a call from their movers. They told me they were on the way, reached slightly earlier than the agreed timing but they waited outside my place with all their "barang-barang". Properly dressed in their long pants and uniform, they looked pretty young for the industry. But when the whole process started, from the introduction to the payment. Gave them some tips. And took them up on their facebook promotion to get a 5% discount. They really did a good job. My items are in their warehouse and they just emailed me the list of items just for my reference. I would say, excellent job Vimbox Movers. I will most likely recommend them to all. They made it look so easy. Interested parties can PM me to get the sales rep contact. Cheers!
  3. Hi Angela, can share your contractor contats? I need to have my home renovated and I had a really bad experience before. You can leave me a mail at nickyyy.low@gmail.com Greatly appreciated. Thank you!