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  1. Dear all, Thank you for your contribution thus far. It is truly truly appreciated. But please take note that this thread is mainly for other users and myself to assess which mover company in Singapore is your trusted service provider. Please take note that you can post your personal experience and what not but please ensure that they are at the very least credible. Here is my opinion about Vimbox Movers:- For Zaza88, we can all note that your thread about Vimbox movers that you created, was 2 years ago, and personally, it brings about alot of questions because if you bothered to read this thread, there seems to be an extremely similar post about another moving company. Also, you recently came back and posted a few comments about Vimbox Movers after 2 years. If that event really happened 2 years ago, I sincerely doubt that a bad moving experience would still have you feeling so much "negativity" for the company. But also, I do agree to a certain extend that customers would not really post good reviews about a company unless there is an incentive for them. In my line of work, recommendations would be made only if both parties were to benefit from it. So, Angelaa, it would be appreciated if you explained yourself more clearly with regards to your relations with Vimbox. With that said, as much as it can be said that Michelle Chong was a sponsorship, I sincerely doubt that Vimbox movers would have gotten Michelle Chong to agree to do her house moving if they were not professional. I mean, as a celebrity, of course her team would have to do their due diligence before agreeing to anything. Considering that she said good stuff about Vimbox Movers, I would trust that they did a pretty decent job. Also, Vimbox Movers have quite abit of good reviews on Facebook, so I think its quite clear how they service is like as a mover company. So in my honest opinion, I feel that Vimbox have improved over the years. My clients have moved with them, and I have also decided to try them out at the end of the month. I have gotten a time slot for them to have a look at my things and will get a quote from them. But for now, can we please stop about Vimbox movers? What if they cannot accommodate all my clients? And everyone needs an alternative point of view. So can we move on from Vimbox and to other movers? THANK YOU!
  2. On a side note, one of my client personally used Vimbox Movers and it went great. They really liked their service. I think to be fair to Vimbox Movers and everyone here, I feel that even though they have quite abit of bad reviews here, the reviews were all a long time ago and it is not fair to judge Vimbox based on an event that happened a long time ago. #giveVimboxachance I think that Vimbox Movers have made improvements to their company and their standards went up (I hope I dont recommend them to clients and it turns out that Vimbox hasnt improved) So, my client actually wrote a review on their Facebook page. Of course the fact that they gave them a "Facebook Discount" may have help but they really liked the service from Vimbox movers. You guys can check it out at https://www.facebook.com/vimboxmovers.sg/reviews (My clients identity will be kept a secret of course) Okay so besides Vimbox, I still need more information about the local movers. Vimbox alone isnt enough to handle everyone who uses this thread. So apart from them, are there any users here who would like to share their experience with the movers in Singapore? Thank you so much!
  3. This comment, is really really too similar to the one about Vimbox Movers in 2014 (like i said, I have done my own research and it really is not hard to find that thread) So, LynnYang, you are either extremely "Lucky" to be facing the almost exact same incident as "Zaza88" or you are trying to bash the company which is really not appreciated. Either ways, it is really not professional to do such a thing. The thread about Vimbox movers 2 years ago may have happened but still, it was 2 years ago and this thread is to assist users to making the right decision. You using the same scenario is not going to make users believe you so if you are a competitor or a hater please leave this thread alone. I have flagged your post as inappropriate. Thank you.
  4. Hi guys, I have read quite abit about movers in Singapore on this forum. However, most of the posts are pretty outdated. My line of work really require a few good movers to recommend to my clients. I have had pleasant experiences as well as horrible experiences. I will do my due diligence. Thank you very very much in advance. For now can we start with Vimbox Movers? I have seen quite abit of this companys review here BUT they are pretty outdated and the most recent one was a pleasant experience. And they are listed as Top 5 Best Movers in Singapore, which is confusing. Also I have contacted the participants of the topic about "Vimbox Movers Review" that I have seen previously and i sincerely hope they participate in this forum. Please check your inboxes I look forward to all input. Thank you. Plus I need to shift a few furnitures too so I may as well use one of the recommendations.