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Found 14 results

  1. Hi all, I am new to this forums but has been browsing here since i was looking for a ID/Contractor to renovate my resale flat. We all understand the agony of finding a good responsive & responsible renovation contractor. I just want to share some of my experience renovating my kitchen which includes hacking + re-tiling works from this ID. To be frank, we are all afraid of cutting chopped due to us doing very little reno as compared to others doing their whole flat so we thought the cost might be slightly more pricey. Then we came upon this ID we saw on this forums posted with their promo package, we decided to give them a call. We talked and set an appointment the next day to share our ideas/concepts of our home. Like most of the people would say, most of the ID is only keen on making more money but instead he would actually explained specifically some of the more complicated design of how it will be constructed that might be costly. He would then suggest alternatively another similar concept but at a cheaper budget. We thought, “That was great!” We told them that we don’t really need any fancy design and proposed if they could come out with one based on our needs and budget. At the same time, we also choose our laminate and material in their office (which happen to be nearby our place also). With many variety to choose from, he will also offer different suggestion of which material will benefit and which is more of within our budget range. As much as we are concerned, it was really a pleasant meeting with him as he accommodate us without trying to upsell anything. However, end of the day, in fact we still thinks quotation is the last key factor if it is a scam or not. After a few days, to our surprised, it was actually within our budget and during our second meetup, he would explained in details of how each is being charged accordingly. We decided to go with them and proceed with the renovation work. Overall, he also provided us with a free rubbish chute which we are alarmingly surprised. We thanks him so much for the work done in this 2 weeks to help coordinate and keep the works on schedule. I will let the rest of the pic talks. BEFORE WORK IN PROGRESS AFTER FREE RUBBISH CHUTE FROM THE ID
  2. Enjoy your diwali by purchasing our products with great deals for digital locks, doors, and gates with free gifts. Hafele GL5600 + Hafele PP8100 just at $1,180 Hafele GL5600 + Hafele PP8100 + 3 x 7 ft mild steel gate +3 x 7 ft veneer solid main door just at $2,299 With the purchase of these products you claim free gifts like digital door viewer and door closer. Also, you can go for, 3 x 7 ft mild steel gate + 3 x 7 ft veneer solid main door just at $1,180 Our products ensures -> High quality -> Awesome features on digital locks -> High durable mild steel gates -> Beautiful solid veneer main door Grab maximum benefits of these offers at a great discount price Now! Promotion Link: https://www.hddoor.com.sg/promotions/
  3. Everyone dreams is to make our living room more beautiful and stylish. Specially, we will take more care about your bedroom. Doors are playing a major role on making your bedroom even more stylish. There are some common bedroom door types available in Singapore, like Laminate door, Two-Tone Design, Barn Door, Classic Door, Nyatoh Door and Veneer Door. We are customizing these doors with stainless steel, grove line, glass view and so on.,
  4. Doors are not an everyday purchase; they’re a special decision that impacts your home and your lifestyle. Welcome to DoorVisual. We are a Singaporean brand supplying high-quality and beautiful doors, gates, and digital door locks to your home. Our products are carefully chosen and curated for you with superior quality and performance in mind. Explore our products built with exceptional craftsmanship and design, ready to transform your home for the better. Door Visual Pte Ltd Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, 170 Upper Bukit Timah Road #18-01, Singapore 588179 +65-8838 7700 | +65-8786 7700
  5. Hi guys, I engaged a ID firm who is a GST Registered. They told me there is no need to pay GST if I transfer the 1st instalment (and subsequent amount) to their another account which is a different company name. Is this fishy or is this common practice in the market?
  6. Post CNY Bundle Promotion Sale Event 2020 Singapore Missed Our Chinese New Year Promotion? No Worry, We have Post CNY Promotion for you, If you are planning to change your door and gate or digital lock, you should not miss our Post Chinese New Year Promotion to BUY and SAVE BIG Bundle 1: 3x7 Ft Main Door + 3x7 Ft Main Gate (S$ 1180) Bundle 2: Kaiser Digital Door Lock + Kaiser Digital Gate Lock (S$ 788) Bundle 3: Hafele EL7700 Digital Door Lock + Kaiser+ Digital Gate Lock (S$ 1188) Bundle 4: Samsung DP609 Digital Door Lock + Kaiser+ Digital Gate Lock (S$ 1430) ✔ Our Product is Top Notch Quality Made in Singapore ✔ Best Bundle In Town with Affordable Factory Price ✔ Able to Customise Door + Gate Design ✔ Manufactured in Singapore ✔ Installment Plan Available ✔ VISA/MASTER/AMEX Grab them fast before it ends! Don't Forget to Share this sale event with your friends, loved ones and head over to HDDoor! Visit Our Showroom To Modernise Your House!⚠ : 601 MACPHERSON ROAD GRANTRAL MALL,#01-13 GRANTRAL COMPLEX, SG 368242 Opening hours : 10AM - 8PM (Monday toThursday) 10AM - 9PM (Friday To Sunday & PH) Buy From here: http://www.hddoor.com.sg/ Office: 6589 8484 | 9466 6676 (Jess) | 8645 5549 (Niko) | 8766 6971 (Michelle)
  7. I would like to share my bad experience with this company so that hopefully no one else would have to go through the same experience. In early June'17 I engaged this company to carry out works for the toilet in my bedroom because of complaints of water leakage from my neighbour below. After considering the proposals of 2 other contractors I decided to award the contract to them because they gave me a really good price for it as well as a reasonable timeline of 5 weeks to completion, especially since the scope of work was quite extensive as it involved hacking away and replacing all the the floor and wall tiles and re-doing the entire waterproofing and plumbing system.As soon as the renovations started all **** broke loose and everything that could go wrong in a project has gone wrong. For instance we had workers not showing up at appointed times and several plumbing defects were discovered after the wall and floor tiles have already been laid requiring re-hacking. I came to realized later on that all these plumbing works had been carried by unskilled workers without the supervision of a licensed plumber. In fact most of the time the workers are left to carry out the work unchecked without any form of supervision and at the end of the day I was the one who had to end up checking their work and picking up all the defects that had to be rectified (which was more than just a few).To make matters worse the lady who was coordinating our project was exhibiting what I would call totally irresponsible behaviour. Her initial friendly, polite and helpful demeanor took a 180 degree turn after the project was awarded to her. It was often difficult to get her on her phone and when defects were reported to her she adopted a very defensive and aggressive attitude, often trying to distance herself from responsibility instead of helping us to resolve the issues. To make matters worse it was often difficult to get her and she even told us not to message or call her on weekends and after hours. Also after appointments have been made she would have no qualms about coming an hour late or not showing up at all.Slowly the project got delayed one week after another and at the time of writing of this review it is already 11 weeks into the project and there is still no handover in sight. This is especially traumatic and disruptive for us as the works are being carried out on premises that we are already occupying. At this point of time we are considering the option of appointing another contractor to finish off the remaining works and claiming the cost of it against them. All-in-all, if there is only one word I can use to describe this experience is that it has been nothing short of a "nightmare" for us.
  8. Every home has a need for renovations, and as nice as it would be to have the time and money to take care of minor repairs as soon as problems arise, the truth is most homeowners put repairs and renovations on the back burner until bigger problems arise and the whole house needs a makeover. If you’re currently in this situation, here is some advice to making your renovation projects easy to complete while on a budget. Get your home appraised Before you renovate, have your home appraised according to Beauty and Bedlam. Knowing what your home is worth in the condition it is already in will let you know exactly how much you need to do in order to increase the value. Discuss with the appraiser how much other homes in the area are going for, and how much your home would be worth if it had necessary upgrades. Set goals so you know what you are working towards without getting distracted during the project. After your upgrades and renovations are complete, have your home appraised again, and create a plan for how to keep the value of your home high or rising with regular maintenance. Make a list of needs and wants Spend time in each area of your home and make a list of all the renovations and upgrades each area needs, and add any upgrades that are not as vital, but that you would like to add. When creating your list, try not to think about a budget right away, just go with what you want and need most. Once your list is created, prioritize the list into needs and wants, and then prioritize the list again in order from the most necessary to the projects that can wait a little bit. Even though some upgrades that are more necessary might not be as fun to complete, get them out of the way so you can focus on the projects that are more exciting. Set a budget Once you have a solid list of all the upgrades and renovations you need, determine how much you are willing to spend in order to fix up your home. As much as you might want to take care of your entire list, it is not worth going into debt for. Work your way down your list, and save money for projects that do not need to happen right away. On pay days, put away a little money specifically for home projects. If you are not in a hurry to sell your home, upgrades and renovations can be completed a little slower, so take your time and make sure you can afford them before draining your savings and racking up credit cards. Spend time online viewing tutorials for DIY projects that can help you save money and complete more projects. Interior decorating and remodeling news brought to you by *REMOVED* Source: beautyandbedlam.com/home­renovations­on­a­budget/
  9. Home organization becomes tougher as your family grows, and it is not uncommon for families to give up on the idea of home organization all together. There is no greater feeling than an organized home, and an organized home makes home cleaning much easier of a task. No matter the size of your home and the number of people residing in it, organization is possible, and should be a priority of the homeowners in order to utilize all the space the home has to offer. Here are some tips for keeping your home organized. Start with cleaning Before any organizing can occur, a good deep clean has to take place. Clean out closets, drawers, cabinets and every other area that collects clutter. Get rid of items you never use and are unlikely to need. Work your way from room to room de-cluttering so you know exactly how much room you have to work with, and which organization tools you need. Once you have de-cluttered, it is time to dust, vacuum, mop, and wash every area of the home. Cleanliness will keep the air in your home clean as well as prevent unwanted pests. Organizing tools Use drawer organizers for every drawer in the home – especially the junk drawer. The more organized drawers are, the less likely they are to accumulate unnecessary clutter, plus everything has a place, making it easier to clean up messes. Use drawer organizers, baskets and small bins to organize your pantry, refrigerator and closets to keep things easy to find. Use a shoe organizer as a home for art supplies, snacks and other items that need a home. Organizing for convenience The purpose of organizing is to keep your life simple, so organize simply for your convenience. How to Nest for Less suggests creating a kitchen command center to house notes, keys, grocery lists, calendars and everything else that controls your family’s schedules. Install cheap bookshelves in the mud room or garage to house shoes so they do not pile up in the doorway. Organize your kitchen cupboards so the items you need are easy to find and near where you use them the most. Teaching children to organize The best way to keep your home organized is by teaching your children to stay organized. Put child friendly items on lower shelves in baskets or easily accessible bins so when the time comes to clean up, the children can easily put their toys away without help. Put their snacks on low shelves in the pantry, so they know where to find them, and how to put them away. Help them organize their rooms with drawer organizers and baskets in order to encourage continuous organization, and make cleaning up messes fun instead of tedious. Teach children that organization is not a chore, just daily life. Interior decorating and remodeling news brought to you by baseboardradiatorcover.com Source: howtonestforless.com/2014/01/08/15-home-organization-projects-to-a-happier-home/
  10. Dear readers, I am relocation to my new house in Early March. The previous house renovators that i have engaged took a really extended amount of time to complete the renovation of my new home and therefore I will not engage them again. Right now, my current issue is that i have to get my old place renovated so that it will be easily occupied by tenants. I have heard about this forum being pretty insightful with regards to its recommendations and reviews and therefore decided to give it a try. Are there any reliable renovation firms that are trustworthy with their promise and expected timeline to completion? It would be really really helpful to have some solid recommendations. Thank you!! Angela
  11. Every homeowner understands how quickly and easily clutter can accumulate in your home. If the clutter problems are not taken care of, they can easily get out of hand and overwhelm you as well as make your house seem smaller than it really is. Obviously all clutter is not unnecessary, it just needs a home. Here are some helpful ways to keep your home from being taken over by clutter. Getting rid of clutter As more and more stuff accumulates in your home, it can be tough to determine which stuff is necessary, and which stuff you can stand to part with. Before getting overwhelmed, work your way from room to room making a pile of must keep items and items that you don’t need. Once you have gone through the entire home, hold a yard sale to make some money off those unused items, donate whatever doesn’t sell, and rejoice in your new found freedom from clutter! Hiding eye sores Once the unnecessary clutter is gone, it is time to create even more space in your home by hiding eye sores. Use your yard sale money to install shelves, cabinets and other built-ins that can house your items. Buzzfeed suggests installing deep drawers in your laundry room so hide laundry hampers. Hang a hollow crown molding shelf above your kitchen sink to hid paper towels. Hang inexpensive, yet stylish, canvases over thermostats, outlets and other wall features that draw the eye in a negative way. If you have a window AC unit, hang café style curtains in front of it so they can easily be opened when you need the AC. Lastly, hide your modems, DVD players, and cable boxes by storing them is stylish boxes and cutting out squares in the back for the cords. Use a doormat or purchase stylish vent covers to cover up ugly vents. Hiding eye sores can change the entire look of your home. Stylish ways to upgrade item Put a personal touch on your home by decorating your appliances. Electrical tape is a great way to decorate your washer, dryer and refrigerator, and it is easy to remove when you are ready for a change. Temporary wallpaper is another great way to change the look of your appliances. A new trend that is great for multiple purposes is chalkboard paint. Paint your refrigerator with chalkboard paint so you can easily jot down quotes, entertain kids by drawing pictures, or avoid searching the junk drawer for a pen to write your grocery list. Turn obnoxious cords that are impossible to hide into works of art with inexpensive wire blooms clips. If you have old wooden doors in need of a makeover, transform it with a fresh coat of paint. Use masking tape to create designs, whether classic or unique. Interior decorating and remodeling news brought to you by baseboardradiatorcover.com Source: buzzfeed.com/peggy/genius-ways-to-hide-the-eyesores-in-your-home?sub=2871905_2223435#.jmJg1jeKK
  12. Best spot to find interior designers and compare prices on the spot? Home Planner 2015 is the best place! Look out for the latest interior trends to realize your dream home for the new year. Brought to you by Full House Communications, organizer of top brand Singapore home shows including March Home, The BIG Furniture Fair and My Home International Grand Furniture and Renovation Expo. This festive fair promises to be a grand event with the widest range of the best furniture products and furnishing services with many exciting programmes, cash prizes, attractive gifts and bargains for visitors! Telephone: +65 6842 7266 Fax: +65 6842 7133 Email: sales@fullhouse.com.sg Website: www.myhomeinternational.com.sg Singapore EXPO Hall 4 1 Expo Drive, #02-01, Singapore 486150
  13. What is the best book for first time DIY home renovations? Need advice and best suggestions..
  14. Hi All, Anyone has good bathroom renovation company to introduce?