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  1. Dear Readers, Upon request, here is my honest opinion about Vimbox Movers. To be perfectly honest, I cant really rmb the name of their team leader but I can remember that I had a really good experience with them. They were recommended to me by my renovation consultant (who did a great job btw). Upon contacting them, Vimbox movers did a good job answering all my queries about their services, their storage facilities and things that just come to mind when youre about to place your goods in a warehouse that does not belong to you. Vimbox actually assured me and brought me through the steps of what I should expect. I had a really decent experience with them, so I would say that 2 years ago, they may have had their tough times but now, they are as good as a local moving company can get. The link that "Yupitshailey" gave above is a good source to see how good they are. They apparently did the move for our local actress Michelle Chong. How could Michelle Chong choose a mover that does not live up to their reputation? Or a mover that is not decent. Vimbox Movers is definitely your trusted mover. I have actually recommended them to a few of my colleagues who in turn had a pretty decent experience with them, so really, why not? For any queries, if you think I can help, PM me and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Have a good night everybody!
  2. Hi all, Thank you so much for all the recommendations and all the inbox msges. The firm that I have engaged did a wonderful job. They assisted me at every point of the way. 1) Their consultant recommended the designs/works that I should do in accordance to my budget, really honest and helpful as he told me straight up what can be done and cannot be done while considering my budget. 2) He recommended the movers to take charge of shifting my furnitures. The movers did a great job btw, THANK YOU VIMBOX MOVERS! And I placed my items with them in their warehouse for the time being and will be retrieving them upon completion of my reno works. 3) Made impromptu visits to my home to monitor the works being done (which i dont think he needed to) 4) Kept me very well updated on the progress and what is next. 5) Was always, always just a phone call away. Readers, if you need his contact, feel free to PM me. I assure you they will not disappoint. Will update with pictures post renovation! (If its possible to post pictures on this forum)
  3. Dear readers, I am relocation to my new house in Early March. The previous house renovators that i have engaged took a really extended amount of time to complete the renovation of my new home and therefore I will not engage them again. Right now, my current issue is that i have to get my old place renovated so that it will be easily occupied by tenants. I have heard about this forum being pretty insightful with regards to its recommendations and reviews and therefore decided to give it a try. Are there any reliable renovation firms that are trustworthy with their promise and expected timeline to completion? It would be really really helpful to have some solid recommendations. Thank you!! Angela