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  1. I would like to share my bad experience with this company so that hopefully no one else would have to go through the same experience. In early June'17 I engaged this company to carry out works for the toilet in my bedroom because of complaints of water leakage from my neighbour below. After considering the proposals of 2 other contractors I decided to award the contract to them because they gave me a really good price for it as well as a reasonable timeline of 5 weeks to completion, especially since the scope of work was quite extensive as it involved hacking away and replacing all the the floor and wall tiles and re-doing the entire waterproofing and plumbing system.As soon as the renovations started all **** broke loose and everything that could go wrong in a project has gone wrong. For instance we had workers not showing up at appointed times and several plumbing defects were discovered after the wall and floor tiles have already been laid requiring re-hacking. I came to realized later on that all these plumbing works had been carried by unskilled workers without the supervision of a licensed plumber. In fact most of the time the workers are left to carry out the work unchecked without any form of supervision and at the end of the day I was the one who had to end up checking their work and picking up all the defects that had to be rectified (which was more than just a few).To make matters worse the lady who was coordinating our project was exhibiting what I would call totally irresponsible behaviour. Her initial friendly, polite and helpful demeanor took a 180 degree turn after the project was awarded to her. It was often difficult to get her on her phone and when defects were reported to her she adopted a very defensive and aggressive attitude, often trying to distance herself from responsibility instead of helping us to resolve the issues. To make matters worse it was often difficult to get her and she even told us not to message or call her on weekends and after hours. Also after appointments have been made she would have no qualms about coming an hour late or not showing up at all.Slowly the project got delayed one week after another and at the time of writing of this review it is already 11 weeks into the project and there is still no handover in sight. This is especially traumatic and disruptive for us as the works are being carried out on premises that we are already occupying. At this point of time we are considering the option of appointing another contractor to finish off the remaining works and claiming the cost of it against them. All-in-all, if there is only one word I can use to describe this experience is that it has been nothing short of a "nightmare" for us.