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  1. When you're decorating a little girl's bedroom with a flower or garden theme, you have plenty of decor options to choose from. Floral prints are available for bedding, window treatments, wallpaper and other accessories, which all are ideal ways to establish your theme. However, if you really want to make your daughter's garden bedroom come to life, silk flowers are a whimsical option for wall decor. You can use flowers on the walls in a variety of ways, which help add eye-catching color, texture and dimension to your little girl's room. Create Wallpaper Instead of using floral wallpaper or stencils to create an accent wall for your daughter's bedroom, silk flowers can create a faux wallpaper effect. The wall behind the bed is an ideal spot to cover with silk flowers, particularly if your daughter's bed doesn't have a headboard and you need another way to draw attention it. To keep the look neat, use the flowers to create lines on the wall by hanging them stem-to-bloom. Leave an inch or so between the lines so the wall doesn't look too cluttered. You can use a staple gun to attach the flowers to the wall or attach them with hook-and-loop tape if you want to switch out the flowers based on the season. Create Border When floor-to-ceiling silk flowers in your daughter's bedroom is a little too much, use some silk greenery to create a border for the tops of the walls. You can attach the flowers directly to the wall itself, but for a more decorative look, paint a thin line in a shade that contrasts with the wall color to place the flowers over. A light green like mint or sage is an attractive option with the flowers. When it comes to attaching the flowers, staple the individual flowers horizontally stem-to-bud or use a pre-made silk flowering vine for easier installation. [Source: SFGATE]
  2. What is the best book for first time DIY home renovations? Need advice and best suggestions..