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  1. hi Kelvin,

    Please help PM your electrician's contact.  Thank you. 

  2. could you message your electrician contact to me @ 8289 6723

  3. Hi Kelvin, 

    I'm going to get my key in 1 wk time, appreciate if u can share ur electrician contact? 

    Thanks so much. 



  4. Hi Kelvin, I just got my keys, mind to share your electrician's contact and ID contract please. Thank you!
  5. Hi I have tried to reply all those who left a message here. There were 2-3 of you whose PM couldn't get through, so drop me a PM if you still need it. Hope everyone will have a wonderful renovation experience!
  6. Yes! Be very careful of this shop. My ID brought me to this shop and my purchases were similar to yours. I got it from my electrician and it costs less than half of what you paid for. And they come with 2-years warranty.
  7. If it's for home, i thought 6W will be good enough especially if you have other ambience light. Of course, that'll depend on how far away you spread them out and what's your comfort level for brightness. Let's say, if you have around 10 lighting points in the living room, 6W will be cozy. But if you have children studying in the living room and you don't want additional table lamps, perhaps you should go for 12W ones. If costs is not a big big issue, why not just go for 12W ones and get your electrician to separate them into different switches? That way, you can turn on only those that you need and adjust them to brightness. Finally, you always have dimmer options though they cost more.
  8. Replied most of you, hope i haven't missed anyone out! stitch85, seems like it's common for contractors to charge by per point. You wouldn't want them to charge by lump sum instead, which can be a lot less transparent. I guess the price is broken down for lighting point and lighting installation because different type of appliance has different effort, and hence the costs of installation. For example, a downlight has the same type of lighting point (cabling) as a ceiling light, but installing a ceiling light costs a bit more as drilling is required.
  9. Hi Guys, Those who posted here and PM'ed me, i tried my best to reply already. If anyone still needs it or i missed it, just let me know. I'm done with renovating my flat, and all is well. My partner prefers not to share photos as it's private, but if my word counts for anything, it's great. The same contractor helped me with electrical and LED lighting (20-50% below what balestier/jalan besar shops are charging) in-house, but also happen to be a general contractor for carpentry, vinyl flooring, solid surface and plumbing. I'm getting him to help with my office's renovation as well. So hope this good contractor will be able to serve more of the bros and sis here. All the best!
  10. He showed me some brief photos of his previous works, seems to include offices, retail, industrial and condos. Can't tell workmanship from those photos, but he supplies LED lighting also and I've to say the effect and renovation look gorgeous. I guess I'll work with him since price is good and service is friendly and flexible. I'll post some updates after his work is done so that others can share this good contact. jchin1228, I'll PM you.
  11. I bought my LED light strips (DC strips, purchased a driver separately though) for my altar from www.safesure.com.sg. They seemed to be a wholesaler as they don't have a shop, just an office. They do electrical and installations too,. Maybe you can try them. I got mine at $10 per metre, while enquiries along balestier gave me exhorbitant prices of $49 per metre! So i bought 5 metres of yellow LED strips from them for my ancestor altar.
  12. Hi bro, I believe the prices for residential (hdb), condo, and commercial/industrial will be different as there are different requirements, risk levels, testing compliance, work at height, etc. $90 for condo sockets is the norm. I'll pm you the contact of my company's maintenance contractor, who did the renovation for our office. Perhaps he can give an alternative quote.