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  1. HI Thanks for visting. PM-ed Its from my ID. but she get from Siong Door. she charged me $300 per door with handle lock That is rain shower. =)
  2. The power of my track lights 7watt each bulb. I would say still ok, but not brighten evenly as down lights as the area that it's facing will be bright but will have some spot look not so bright. If for studying or reading downlights will be better. The total cost about 55 - 60k including electrical. Overlay toilets wall and floor is $1900 per toilet. Dont know if within market rate a not. I got it from taobao. 欧派厨房挂件套餐挂杆 挂架 置物架 挂钩 锅盖架 筷子架 调味架 http://a.m.tmall.com/i10436030292.htm?ut_sk=1.UsfLTq3JwAQDAPCOeSM7MFuC_12500477_1439201144.Copy.detail
  3. Pm-ed Thanks for Visiting Freb! PM-ed PM-ed PM-ed So far so good for the Fan, except that 2 of fan when just on will have a very slight -eee- sound, but when the fan start spinning then cannot hear anymore. Dont know why. My old house was running on Fanco too. its been a year plus, so far OK. Thanks for Visiting! Pm-ed, no issues except that the power wiring will need to be done, for mine, because im using storage heater, so the master storage heater 20A plug was pulled to power another unit. And because my living room's unit is nearer to the service yard, so when power on can feel the hot air coming in to the yard. PM-ed Pm-ed
  4. Continuing to the previous post Toilets Common and Master Bedroom 3 Master Bedroom The day I moved in with the sofa and dining table
  5. It’s been super long since i last updated. Had moved in on the 16th of July. Then till now, was busy un-packing, checking defects, cleaning. Buying things. So late reply on my PM. Will PM the request shortly. And finally got the time to upload to Photobucket on the photos that i had took. So far staying for 3 weeks, was OK. Except for some defects which waiting for ID to clear for me. Have not paid the final 10% so i have got no worries. =) Ok, here are the following updates. *PS: Because the photos are consolidated with different time taken so may seem a bit “Rojak” Curtains Blinds by Ridge Furnishing. Overall Experience is good, during installation, one of the blind’s string was on the wrong side, but they manage to change it with the supplier. Kitchen’s Window Frame and Door was also installed. Shoe Cabinet with pull-out sitting stool and Feature Wall to cover the home shelter. Used mirror so that can ensure all are nice and neat before leaving the house My Workspace. Now you see it, now you don’t. =) My living room and cosy/games area. My Kitchen before moving in. Hope it can stay neat and clean for long. =)
  6. Mirror and glass backing and fan installation has been installed too. Fan I'm getting Fanco airtrack 56" and Fanco FF9 48" for living room and all bedrooms respectively. Fan contact is from renotalk Eric bro. Good service and cheap! Mirror and glass backing. Living room fan Bedrooms fan
  7. Progress has been going on smoothly now.. Had install the platform and table top. Wednesday another round of acid cleaning and can start checking for defects. Platform for cosy area and MBR Table top for kitchen and toilets
  8. Was away for few days, and saw that about 95 percent of my capentry was up, doors and glass shower screen all up. Now pending with table top, platform and painting touch up then all is good to go. Bedroom 2 completed. Master bedroom except for TV mounting. Toilet glass door up, left with plumbing and table top Am happy with the door lock from Taobao. Living TV console Living area. Left with study bi fold door and kitchen windows. My kitchen without the table top.
  9. Hi Ocean, thanks for visiting. Yeah am glad that I actually top up for internal color pvc. It's definely worth it. See that you are also a taobao fans. Lol..
  10. when carpentry has started. Every day seems to be nearer to completion. Next week should be done with carpentry. And doors, platform, shower screen all these should be next week. So excited. Living room feature wall and cosy area partially up.
  11. Finally my carpentry had started!! I must say it is really a lot. Step into my house whole place was full of carpentry. Day 1- chunks and chunks of carpentry and kitchen Day 1 - Wardrobe and shoe cabinet getting ready Day 2 - study table, kitchen, toilets, display cabinet.
  12. It's had been two weeks, aircon is up, first coat of paint is also up. And just done with acid wash. Progress was quite slow. Am now pushing my ID to speed up the progress. Next week carpentry will arrive, and according to to her, within a week ccarpentry can be done, not sure if it's true. Hopefully by month end all will be done.. Before carpentry cover the floor with protection, here are some pictures of my sparkling clean home. View from Living walkway Living room Common Bathroom and bedroom Master bathroom and bedroom Master bedroom Hopefully next week will have more updates to share.