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  1. must see how you feel the moment you step into the house, if you feel windy and happy (it is good) if you are particular on facing the main road direction of the car, you have to stay at the door and look for detail (normally if the car driving toward the house, not so good) look at the ceiling especially toilet to check for leakage checking with neighbour is good but sometime false information might be given the best is look around the flat inside and outside, if you see CCTV outside the flat must ask the agent I ever viewed a unit that had 2-3 CCTV were installed outside the unit and I immediately asked the agent, then he told me that the owners owed Ah Long
  2. no other to be transfer in and she does not have enough CPF to pay off
  3. I would like to know whether I can sell my house without meeting the min stay period? This house was bought together with my Mother, if I'm getting married and going to buy a flat with my hubby
  4. Hi KeeKee, the installation took about a day to complete everything. My kitchen door dimension is a special so it cost higher about a thousand plus include door frame, door with glass panel and handle. The rest was at the offer price. I did took some photo but still figuring how to upload it. hehe
  5. HI zjwbotak, he charge reasonable and one-man show. this is aloysius@safesure.com.sg his email, you can try to contact him. he completed the job in 1.5days, mine was minor job. i did took a few photo of the works but i do not know to upload it.
  6. Sorry for not updating of any photo and posts, was busy moving the house on the last two weeks of Dec. Finally, everything have settled and most of the items had delivered or on the way. I shall continue to share my experience but I need help in how to upload the photo. Hope someone can guide. Thanks
  7. I had been reading a number of posts at Renotalk and now I'm starting my own post to share my experience of minor renovation for our 1st 3 room HDB resale flat at Yishun. We considered ourselves are lucky that we managed to bought a unit which is move-in-condition with a number of furniture leftover by the previous owner and only required to do minor works (I don't really think it is a renovation). Basically, there are three things that we need to do which are added a few electrical powers points and relocated of the wall fan, painting of the whole unit and change of bedroom doors. I had also converted the store room to study room. Although it was minor works, I had spent some time on so-called "research" on who to employ, who to find and reasonable price. I had spent about 1-2 months to search for the electricians, door maker and painters either online (website or at the Renotalk posts) and walk-in to shop contractors. I had also sent out a number of inquiries but not 100% all will reply and some even reply till half-way, they had lost contact with it. During the "research", I had realised that the price for this three items can be very huge different from everyone to quote and there are no standard price range for it. They just named the amount as they wanted. Let me start my minor renovation journey, 1) Bedroom door and Kitchen door The bedroom doors were the old type 70s and there was no kitchen door. We are staying with my mother, she requested for the kitchen door as she wanted to cook at home which is more health food as compared to dinner out daily. I had started my search by browsing thought the comments on the forum and website, the moment we purchased the unit. I had sent out a number of inquiries to those companies but hardly reply. Initially, I intended to look for “HH” as their costs were within my budget but after reading through some of the comments was not so pleasant. I had dropped my ideas for it. I had happened to visit one of the website that this company “Yong Fang” was having promotion with the min. purchase of 3 doors to entitle for the promotion which happened I had 3 doors needs to change or add. I started to look for the comments for this company on the forum. Most of the people who hired their services, gave a very good comments for it. We went to their showroom which located at Beauty World. When we were at the showroom, the salesperson, Shirley, gave us an idea of how to make the kitchen door nicer as the wall of the kitchen entrance was an uneven surface and have to special order for it (as it is taller and smaller in width than normal size of the door). We had chosen a nyatoh solid door with the clear glass panel at the centre of the door for kitchen. At first we intended to install the Push and Pull handle but she commented that it was like an emergency exit so she suggested installing those shopping centre handle. Now is waiting for the installation to be completed. I had taken a few photos but did not have to upload the photos. I will upload it A.S.A.P and shared the other experience I had thought out the whole renovation journey.
  8. Oh I see. I found that no point customised because in long term, it will spoil. by that time, you have to change everything to match your other customised items again. in fact, if you buy them individually, it will costs you less if you walk around to compare all the items. hehe. this is what i did. hehe due to limited budget. by the way, for the painting, how many color you can selected? I find the price is cheaper than mine. there are some painters charge me for 1500 for 3room with 4 colour include white excluding plastering.
  9. I'm not so sure about hacking but you have a list of build in items. Maybe you can try not to build in to cut down the cost
  10. I never meet the owner before. Every thing have to go through agent to reach owner
  11. Every month music. This is what I did reimburse in the rental as the unit almost 30 yrs and all the pipes have a lot of joining elbow. It shows that I'm not the only one who face this problem, previous tenants have the same problem too.
  12. From the first day I moved in till now every month pipe having leakage problems.
  13. Not asking him to be a plumber. At least come and take a look or ask about it.
  14. Maybe you can try yong fang. I just engaged them for installing of kitchen and bedroom doors. The sale person Shirley is quite friendly and she even give comments on how it should done all this.
  15. I had being renting a unit with lots of problems. At first the agent still helpful to solve the problems for us. On the 3rd or 4th months onwards, he seem to be irresponsible msg him seldom reply or hours later then reply. Eg my pipe leak again, I msg him he never reply me at all. And alway said he will becoming at certain timing but alway never turn up and come without informing. With all this problems can I lodge a complaint?