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  1. Use the melamine sponge aka magic sponge from daiso. Can easily clean off the spray paint of the windows without effort. However use it with care as it will clean away ur spray frame if u rub it accidentally.
  2. Hi Charis, had ur windows frame rectify?
  3. Hi, I needed several pcs of 220V LED Ribbon for my cove light & toilet. Ranging from 1m - 2.5m. May I know roughly the price & any recommendation? Thanks!
  4. Hi, Can u quote me Msy4A38 MsyGE26VAMsyGE10VA x 31/2 inch insulatorG22 copper pipe16mm drainage pvc New BTO Flat
  5. Hi bro, Thanks for the details. Does it means I'm able to get 16a for my normal household as I couldn't find 13a for the model. Thanks with regards
  6. Same as mine. Green leaf too. 4 room kitchen layout sux as ur entrance is cramp if the cabinet is too out.
  7. Hi Klimoo, Could u share with me the quote for ur bedroom 3 hacking and remake wall with Glass n door? Thanks
  8. Hi, can you send to me again? miichele.tan@gmail.com
  9. Hi Charis, Do you mind sharing your quotation? Thanks much
  10. hi hojichalatte, Mind sharing quotation with me? miichele.tan@gmail.com
  11. Anyone who have the quotation from art00609? can forward to me @ miichele.tan@gmail.com? Thanks
  12. Hi Leon & Jenna Could u send me the quote? Thanks ! miichele.tan@gmail.com