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  1. i emailed them and they said the outlet at labrador has the most types of furniture
  2. Can share with me the colour code for ur tiffany blue backsplash.n whats the glass company
  3. I was charged $250 for chemical washing.didnt even know contractor had done chemical washing cos both toilets still looks dirty... I also noticed my oven had a bit of rust...
  4. Hi there, i had emailed a contractor with the things i wanted to do and he provided me with a quote in February. i met with him again in April, he showed us the his workmanship, we felt it was oki and furthermore he assured us that he will guide us all the way, and would monitor our project so we who are working need not worry much, and decided to engage him as we felt we trusted him at that moment. At that point of time we had already told him of the things we felt we could do without, so we told him to omit, painting, tiling, we doing vinyl instead, hacking, overlay of kitchen n bathroom tiles and just do a simple renovation. He promised to do a quotation for us before we sign.. Then he told us why not we apply for bank loan first and use the quotation (a fake quotation so that we can get more loan) he had done up before in february so that we can start asap on reno once we get loan. But we asked him first will we get into any trouble, is it ok to do that? He said most contractors, id are doing that. So we agreed. As we walk off he called up to us and say y not he save us the trouble and he submit the quotation to the bank first and needed our signature. Me and my hubby were too dumb at that time, we didnt even think much and just signed away, cos in our minds that was only for the bank loan, we have not signed the proper final quotations with the amendments done. Email was sent the next day, hacking and tiling was taken down but haulage of $800 was not, at that time we had no idea that haulage is meant for tiling/hacking. So we overlooked that part. Anws there were still a few items he did not take down, like painting, glass door for kitchen etc etc.... Then our loan was approved and he decided to meet up at our place. He did not inform us that he was gonna start planning for false ceiling, feature wall on which side and electrical lighting all that stuff. Me and hubby had not discussed yet what we wanted. He was talking very fast, i feel like he was not giving us time to think about what we want. How can i think on the spot where i want to relocate the sockets and stuff, its my first time. Again me and hub just agreed to what he had planned.. and now im regretting a lot about the relocating of the sockets in my kitchen. Again i reminded him to do a proper quotation so that i can sign the contract, but he just ignored what i was saying n talked abt something else. I kept asking my husband, we had not signed our quotation contract why he want to start doing? Few days later we told him we wanted to cancel the vinyl as we wanted to take Evorich. We did that cos we were not confident in his vinyl, he kept saying to take not waterproof cheap, if waterproof same price as evorich and was hesitant to let me know which brand he was using for our vinyl.. So he said ok, but was quite sarcastic. Cut the story short, when we realised what the haulage meant, we told him to adjust it as it didnt suit what we are doing, he said cant cos i had cancelled tiling/hacking/overlay,vinyl, so he need that amnt to profit his company.. He say he never adjust the other price of the other items when he shud cos we already signed the contract. I was shocked! To what i know we had not signed anything, then came the best part, he whatsapped me a picture of our signature. The paper with the signature was actually detached from the fake bank quotation. My heart dropped. Felt like i was cheated in broad daylight. We met him the next day. My husband decided to gave in to him, as we are not the type of ppl who likes to argue. But in my point, this is actually wrong to charge a person $800 for nothing. He shud have informed me when i had cancelled. Till today our reno is still on going. But thank god its abt to end soon. But im really not happy with the way he works and the way he handles things. Slow communication, when got prob, we watsapp ask questions, he lazy to reply he will simply ignore it. There were a lot of errors in the process of choosing laminate, glass backsplash turned out completely different (we were not given any samples or advice that colour chosen will not turn out the same, T5 lights that he asked us to get, were wrong in size and they secretly bought another T5 which was a different colour and the thickness is different,. the hinges and hydraulics used were of poor quality, carpenter himself said that the contractor stopped him from using good ones.Dish rack tray anytime can fall off, the sharp edges cant hit my quartz/sink or even hurt someone. Im spending almost 9k for my small kitchen and this is what i get. Are there any lawyers or anyone that can give me some legal advise on what i can do. Im so upset. renovating your love nest shud be fun and happy process, but im totally stressed out..
  5. im interested to know more about spray coating
  6. Yup how much will it cost.im looking into it too.not the whole kitchen..just top part.
  7. May i know where u got ur bedsheets and cushion cover from?
  8. Can pm me ur granite contact.how much in total for the table?
  9. Does anyone has any reliable direct contact for kitchen glass backsplash? My contractor did a terrible job for my glass backsplash.He didnt tell me the colour i chose will turn out completely different.n now it doesnt match my kitchen cabinets.such an eyesore.Now im looking to deal direct with glass company. Would love companies that actually has samples of colours as my contractor didnt show me any samples at all.so i do not know it will turn out diff. So sad.
  10. At first i was considering electrolux but bcos many complains of the oven door, i bought bosch in the end cos warranty is 2yrs,basic functions(as im no chef, mainly for simple baking, pizzas n occasional grilling), used by a lot of ppl so in any case i encounter any baking or technical probs i can always ask for help/opinions in forums. For bosch hbn331e2j, do take note to only get the latest one which is the triple glass door and the door can stop at any angle and its 67litres. The ones selling at harvey norman , courts seems to be the older model, 52 litres.i ordered mine from lioncity which is the latest model and they have display for u to feel. other brands i would recommend is Ariston, Brandt, Miele. Whatever brand u decide to choose do take note of the functions and whether u will be using it often? Have fun choosing one!!
  11. I placed my order for anthracite cos found a solution to remove the haZe ard the sink. Googled and most of anthracite users use mr clean magic eraser. Can be found in taobao or amazon. In sg im not sure if its sold here.
  12. My contractor just installed mine. There are so many blotchy areas meaning some parts look frosted n some parts dont.i tried wiping front n back but i feel the blotchiness.is coming from the inner layer of the rought surface at the back of the door. Is this a defect.? I informed my contractor but till now he never update me anything.just keep quiet only.