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  1. Hi Warrior, i'm also using frosted glass door. Yes, the toilet light can luminate my room through the glass but i can also see what my husband is doing inside the bathroom because the door is very translucent. When the door is dry, it's blurry shadow. However when water splashes on the door, the door becomes very translucent. If my husband stands right in front of the door, everything is crystal clear. Is this the same for your case?
  2. Mine is quite blurry when the door is dry. However during shower, when the water splashes on the door it became visible. I can see the colour of clothes the person is wearing and his movements. I've asked my contractor again and he said its the same for everyone. Haiz. Thanks for the reply, maybe mine is inferior quality or what cos the price quoted is cheaper compared to another supplier. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll check the store out.
  3. I got my LED downlights, T5, kitchen light, track light and entrance light all from Alex of A Lighting (463 Geylang Rd). I noticed that Alex is a very honest guy who marked up the prices only very minimally compared to other shops. LED downlight - $53 T5 4ft - $15 LED kitchen light - $180 (another shop in Geylang quoted me $300) LED track light - $60 for track and $20 each for LED light (another shop quoted me $138 for track and $40 each for LED light) LED entrance crystal light - $267 (I saw a similar light in Balestia, slightly bigger and the supplier quoted me $700!!!) I bought a bedroom ceiling light from Balestia at $310, when I showed the photo to Alex, he quoted me $180. Just to let you know that Alex's shop looked abit run down and did not display fanciful lights. However, you may show him what you want and he will check with his supplier if they have this light.
  4. Hi, I have just installed frosted tempered glass swing door (10mm) for both my toilets. However, I realised that they are very translucent. At night with my toilet light on, I can basically see whatever my husband is doing inside the toilet. Is this normal? I have asked my supplier before installation if the doors are translucent but they said no. Can anyone who has installed frosted tempered glass as toilet door advise me if its the norm? And are there any solution to this please? Thank you.
  5. Hi all, after looking through this thread, I engaged Ah Keong who was recommended by others. Ah Keong did all the electrical works for my 4 room HDB flat and I am certainly very pleased with his workmanship and attitude. A jovial person with good service, very flexible and accommodating. I have to admit that I am quite troublesome, changed the layout a few times but Ah Keong accommodate all my requests even though he has already laid the cable. His workers are also very experienced and definitely know what they are doing. As for costs wise, I am not sure if Ah Keong is the cheapest in town as I only compared between him and my ID's electrician. My ID's electrician quoted me $5K plus and Ah Keong is about $2k cheaper. The original quote was $3600 but this amount will increase as I have added a few more plugs and ceiling light point (renovation is still onging) However, Ah Keong provided free Legrand switch which I understand is of better quality whereas my ID's electrician provided MK switch. I would highly recommend Ah Keong. You will not regret engaging him.
  6. Hi pinkwhale, love your dining table, can you share where you ordered this from please?