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  1. Anyway, just to update, I emailed the wedding banquet contract (page 1 with details) to my branch office and got an acknowledgement with a request to furnish them with the ROM cert post-wedding. No hassle
  2. Thanks. Didn't know there's such a thing as My Doc.. was planning to just email to the branch office or something
  3. Hi all I bought a resale flat with fiancee under the fiancee scheme.. got our keys sometime end June. We understand that we need to produce marriage cert to HDB within 3-6 months after completion. We did not take HDB loan, nor were we eligible for any HDB grants, so I was told that we can drag for up to 6 months or so, as long as we produce evidence of impending marriage, i.e. wedding venue booking etc. So far, its been 3 months and we have not gotten any requests for any documentation. Wedding will be in December. Should I just wait for a letter from HDB requesting for documentation or what? Thanks
  4. My 2 cents is that Cat6 is better as you get lower latency. I run Cat6 from living to bedroom and when compared to a Cat5e, I get lower pings when I run speed test (single digit usually)
  5. Got mine at Mega @ Kallang Leisure Mall.. good price, no problems on delivery.. got LCD TV and washing machine too
  6. Hi all When I purchased my system 3, I was told that I could not turn on all 3 units at the same time as it would not be cold. The salesman basically used BTU's to explain: The compressor capacity is 28k BTU and I would have 3 FCU, 18, 18 and 9 (total 45k BTI). So I can turn on at most one big and the small FCU (total 27k BTU).. ok makes sense. Then I looked at the Mitsubishi web page. It basically stated: Cooling capacity in kW. 2 large FCU = 4.8kW each 1 small FCU = 2.5KW Compressor = must not exceed 14.6kW So when I total up all the FCU, its only 12.1kW, which is below 14.6kW Does this means that I can actually turn on all 3 and expect them to cool normally, or does the kW not the same measure as BTU (but both refer to cooling capacity, right?) Confused... FYI the aircond I'm using: Mitsubishi Starmex FCU 2 units = MSY-GE18VA 1 unit = MSY-GE10VA Compressor = MXY-3A28VA http://www.mitsubishielectric.com.sg/products/for-home/air-conditioners/multi-split-inverter-r410a/starmex-msxy-series-wall-mounted-type.html#feature
  7. Bo bian paid $58.. die die won't give me back promo price haha
  8. Don't know about you unit, but for our 30+ year old resale, the tiles felt hollow when you walked on them, some parts more than others. We opted to hack away the floor and replace with new tiles.
  9. For me, I'm not superstitious.. my reno should complete in mid August, and I'm moving in mid-end Aug (during 7th month) *shrugs*
  10. Just had my application to extend the bathroom rejected by HDB. We bought a 31 =year old resale and want to extend the 'semi-dry' area for the sink/vanity top. Don't understand why its rejected as its allowed by HDB with permit: Maximum width and area of extension Must not be more than 600 mm and 0.6 m2 respectively and Can only be used as a "dry area" For example, for installation of wash basin or shelves The existing gas riser and it’s branch pipe must not become enclosed in the extended bathroom/toilet We complied with the specs given, still rejected. Can appeal?
  11. We got our keys today and dropped by lightings.com.sg at Geylang. We had previously been there a few weeks back and decided on the Philips LED downlights which were going for $38/piece. However, today we were told that the promotion had ended and it was now $58, even though we had a record of the prices they wrote there a few weeks back at $38! Am quite disappointed at this, not sure if its a crooked sales tactic or if we were really just unlucky to have the 'promotion' end today. Anyway, can anyone else recommend a place for affordable LED downlights? Other places we went to carried house brands but in the region of $60-90+. I'm sure lightings.com.sg is not the only place able to afford the Philips LED downlights at $38. Would appreciate if anyone can recommend any other places, thanks
  12. Unlikely la.. my router and modems don't get really hot to the touch. If yours gets quite hot when its running then ensure have enough ventilation lor
  13. Depends on the plan.. was the wall you wanna hack in black bold line? Means structural wall or beam
  14. As long as there is adequate ventilation and no flammable items in the cabinet, your risk is very low.
  15. Hi can you PM me your contractor's contact? Thanks