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  1. http://img820.imageshack.us/img820/1058/20121106203828.jpg' alt='20121106203828.jpg'> Uploaded with ImageShack.us This is my existing kitchen. I am seeking for ideas to revamp my kitchen with limited budget . Your input is appreciated.
  2. Mind if I ask how much you spend to get such result? I need estimates. Thanks.
  3. Thanks mike...good suggestion. Looking for good dates to move in. **** !!still no quotes from contractor.
  4. Finally someone is replying. Thanks. The major part of reno is at Kitchen. So I think should be ok. Eat outside, laundry outside just stay at home for sleep and watch tv nia. This is wat i think lag
  5. As per topic title, me and wife now shopping for kitchen sink. We saw more people going for undermount judging from tblogs. Wonder what is the bad thing about above mount type? Hoe Kee uncle recommend above mount one
  6. dear cashcow, actually its better not to move during 7th month. maybe pantang a bit can save u a lot of "trouble"? But if u do move in early, then u and me will be in the same boat..enduring reno while staying in the flat..haha..
  7. Haven't do yet but entered the place a couple of times already. Will let u know how to when i do that. need to check with my bro
  8. Anyone willing to share your thought on this? thanks.
  9. My bro said, bring salt, rice and tea leaves. Spray across various area in the house. Anyone got doing this also?
  10. I heard from more than one person that its ok to start reno before 7th month cos most importantly is when it starts. However I am not expert here, so it boils down to your comfort level. Anyway I am facing the same problem as u and I am more incline to start early before 7th month.
  11. Haha.. so many things to consider and seriously i would prefer to move in after reno is done.
  12. same issue here. i am thinking of starting the reno before 7th mth but let it continue during 7th mth. but dunno anyone move in while reno cos i wanna avoid 7th mth.
  13. Hi all, Not sure where place this topic, so moderator pls kindly move this which thread wherever you think is appropriate. Here is my situation: I am currently renting a place and HDB completion was done last week. From now till lunar 7th month is about 1 month time. Now not all contractor got back to me on their reno quote. The reno includes redo kitchen and 2 bathrooms plus minor installation such as bathrooms accessories, lighting and ceiling fan. Finally is of course painting and chem wash. From what I gathered, the whole job will take act 3 weeks. Since no one has provide me a quote yet, I think very likely cannot make it for move-in before 7th month (17 aug). So now I am think whether I should move-in before 7th month or after? Because 7th month begins mid of Aug and end at mid of Sept, I am trying to avoid paying extra one month rent at the current place. Anyone had the experience of staying in the house while reno is ongoing? Wonder anyone feel doing reno during 7th month is not good although it start during 6th month? Your advice is much appreciated. Thanks.