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  1. Executive living EL $2599. It is a customized 3+ 1 to fit the width of my tv area. The seats can be pulled out to form a sofa bed that is about 1.2m? In width.
  2. I spent less than 50k for total overhaul. Too lazy to open my pc to send the quote since I am using iPad now.
  3. You can find the information in my post above. I spent less than 50k. Kelvin from Defong.
  4. actually the space is good for putting up a curtain to block the direct sunlight...
  5. MBR toilet (after) Built-in wardrobes. Kevin is professional, responsive and would rectify all the issues. Even after I've made FULL payment and there is a concealed washer pipe issue, Kevin promised to rectify it for me this week. All in all, the renovation was a good experience and the renovation was quite value for money.
  6. kitchen (after) Personally I think this is nicely done and the workmanship is good. A lot of friends said the kitchen is nice. The black wall tiles are very glossy and are like a black backsplash. Very easy to clean. The edge of the kitchen top is rounded. Sorry, image is not clear as it was taken by iphone at 7pm. The place looks brighter and more spacious. A bit cluttered with utensils now..haha MBR (before)
  7. The kitchen door can swing both ways! Shoe cabinet was nicely designed.
  8. The living room (after) Decided to have a display cabinet at one side and the TV console on the other side of the beam. Display cabinet, TV console, feature wall (with glass panels) was designed together with Kevin. The levelled up balcony is now the dining area. We boxed up the pipe and hang some pictures. We bought IKEA table and chairs.
  9. Hi all, Decided to show my recently completed renovation designed by Defong Interior Design (Kevin Tan: HP 90611135) The floorplan The living room (before) Noticed the beam is in the centre of the room and there are 2 concave areas? The is a sliding door at the balcony. I was thinking hard over this because to replace the old sliding door would be expensive. Decided to level up the balcony.
  10. then how come there is no costing for tiling/masonry works for bathrooms?
  11. are u redoing your toilets? If so, there will be costs for tiling and installing of accessories? Is this a new BTO? doors? Varnish main door will be about $80. carpentry works is reasonable. Glass works, eg shower screen is expensive, but do not know the thickness and size. actually your cost is inflated by unnecessary things, why do you need to construct beds? Arent single, super single, queen, king good enough, unless you want to extend the length of the beds? You can get beds from retail at half the price of customised carpentry beds.
  12. aircon may be on for MBR, but not for study room or common bedroom at night. To close the windows for study room..hmm...can, but may be stuffy in the morning.