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  1. Anyone who has all the above items? taking up too much space or dn know where to discard? we are currently collecting some of the old props or even props ...and if possible, any old furnitures (still in good condition).. Or anyone knows of such places where they are clearing aways stage props etc.? do let me know. tHanks
  2. i see your drawing, i do not think u can hack a hold thru the glass base..it wil definitely damage or shatter the glass panel.
  3. if u want either invisible grill or normal grill, u can try mr wong email wong@wongcbs.com
  4. u wan try mr wong?



  5. yOU dont have PM service? how to give u any contact ? r we allow to disclose contact or emails here?
  6. Will the chinese 7 months ghost month really affect your decision to KIV the reno plan or not to do any work at all during this month? What is the concern? This is understandable for chinese owner. I guess non chinese owner or non-believer shld be an exception..=)
  7. I've PM u, u can contact Mr Wong. 98262881
  8. Hi i need to do some reno works for my 4 rm HDB as well. Can you pm me the contact for the contractor?


  9. how is the best way to deal with this? prior to painting texture wall, must use patty to patch the lines. but ti will be very obvious. If patch already, how to remedy? using sandpaper to sand it smoother can help? anyone?
  10. I need some contacts for rubber flooring/rubber tiles (those u seen in indoor gym area). Pls PM me the contacts. Thanks
  11. yeah. depends if your toilet got bath tub or not, that would ascertain how many litre of storage tank that is needed. if u want plumber, i can recommend u. just pm me
  12. can be and cannot be. cos squating pan are "embedded" on the ground. Therefore need to hack away the squating bowl etc. When u do that, the surrounding tiles will be damaged. if your flr tiles are old type, usually cannot get back same matching one. contract will advise u to hack off the whole toilet floor tiles and change new one. if that is the case, at least 2 days to hack and lay new tiles and install new appliances etc. 3 days max .
  13. my side is up to $3.5psf. overlaying of master toilet floor (only) at $510. Overly common toilet floor (only at $430
  14. 20k, well, can work it out. if u interested. i have pm u.
  15. per toilet should cost about $300 , that is what my side charge. kitchen plus 2 toilets, within $950-1050