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  1. Just did up 2 huge cabinet with inside living after my first reno with them 5 years ago. Will share pics after i get them uploaded
  2. Replied to all Anyway just customized 2 cabinet recently share piccs later
  3. when we go through too many ID we may become disillusioned and yet demanding.Also when budget constraints we need to then reflect and decide how to reduce unnecessary item or do certain reno in future.
  4. Surprised to see bad feedback. But understand that the ID has since left the comapny and outstanding issues resolved as well
  5. Many have asked about workmanship. I am happy to share now especially the renovation is 5 yr old now. Glad to share that everything is still looking great and in working order. I am still grateful that I have made the correct decision 5 years ago and still able to share with forumer on my experience. I believe it has benefited many already. Glad that Renotalk was around and still around. Cheers!
  6. Hi all still active in this forum Btw should ve changing my doors soon as i didnt do it during my initial reno. cabinet i still procrastinating due to budget issues.... probably have to get it done soon though
  7. Quite timely this post. I just msg her last night cos i wanna do my cabinets in living room running out of space at home with a kid.
  8. End up buy mechanical 3 seater half leather from seahorse under 700 bucks.