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  1. Hi All, A quick update after using Baron W-888 for over 6 months. DON'T BUY.. It's flushing is weak.. doesn't clear waste in single flush.. I got the same feedback from another former privately.
  2. Hello All, It has been more than 8 months since we moved in to our home @ Strathmore. I just wanted to capture a quick update on the status, things that have went well and that haven't, some design flaws we could have done better, things that's showing some wear and tear to the age. Quick update on things that went well: - Overall design and workmanship of ID. - Bright look and feel of the home. (we really like the brightness in our homes as we believe that is good feng shui) - Color schemes we have chosen including the laminates. - Living room one full wall flush carpentry for Storage is a great hit. Thanks to it, we have lots of storage. Items we could have done better: - Choosing of Kompactplus. One second thought, I think granite is a better option against chipping. Granite offers fool proof protection against sharp objects. I have a chipped spot in my kompactplus. Don't know how it happened. But I am sure it wouldn't have happened in Granite. - Choosing baron w-888: the choice has not gone well. I think the flush is too weak and doesn't flush away waste in single flush.
  3. Hi Friend, Thank you for your observation. I am glad I chose this ID; It has been more than a month since we moved to my new home. There are few rectification works that needed to be done; my ID has been more than happy to settle these things for me. Whereas I have heard from some of my friends, that ID's after completing the work and handing over the flat, never turn back to fix the issues that prop-up later on. My ID never ran away from difficult situations and continue to help me sort out issues that were not even directly related to his workmanship. The more I reflect on the work done and the rectification works undertaken by my ID, I am even more convinced that I dealt with the right ID. I will PM you my ID contact. Good luck.
  4. Hi Kwoni, Sorry, looks like I missed your above post. Yes, we have moved in already. As far as the toilets are concerned, yes it was a funny feeling I got when I first knocked on it. an empty hoollllllllloooooow sound - I was little scared for sometime. When the hackers completed the job, I could see the cardboard and some metal sheets kind of thing. Not very confidence inspiring. In fact when we took possession of the house, the top of the toilet wall was bending over due to the weight of the tiles; it is so flimsy. One of the ID's who they saw my place said he cannot hack in toilet - only overlay. But how to overlay when tiles are almost falling off???? Fortunately my ID was clear from the begining that we need to hack and rebuild the walls. What to do? Our HDB has brilliant designers who know how to cut cost!
  5. Hi, I also went in for the same WC with the same thin toilet seat! BTW is the WC position in common as per the original layout or did you change it?
  6. Don't know leh. A lot depends on the fabric you choose. When I enquired around for 5 Room, many people quoted the price was around $1.5-2.4k for all rooms. So I thought I got a good deal. Day curtains only for living.
  7. Hi Kwoni, Thank you for the compliments. The damage was slightly in excess of $2K. Living has day curtain also. but yet to be delivered because the choice we made is out of stock. We decided to wait for the stock to come, because we didn't want to change what we selected already.
  8. Thank you. Thank you. Hope all's well. We are just in the process of moving in. Should be complete by weekend.