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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, Anyone who can throw light on where to buy quality toilet bowls and sanitary wares? I found most of the forum thread is outdated on this subject. Anyone who has recently bought or done some research, please share details on various brands / models like Toto, Otto, Baron, Arino, Caprio, Johnson Suisse, Grohe, Bravat. Has anyone come across a brand called MDM (supposed to be Malaysia brand with nice features!) Thanks in Advance.
  2. This is a TOTO Electronics Bidet. They are selling now at Best Denki and W. Atelier. The selling price for: 1) TCF4731 (Elongated) is SGD2692 after discount. https://www.bestdenki.com.sg/toiletries/toto/tcf4731am1r 2) TCF4732 (D-Shape) is SGD2780 after discount. https://www.bestdenki.com.sg/toiletries/toto/tcf4732am1 I am selling it at: 1) TCF4731 (Elongated) SGD 2100 (Negotiable) 2) TCF4732 (D-Shape) SGD 2200 (Negotiable) Brought it for my own house, then miscommunication with ID. Long story short, i now have extra set. Selling it cheaper to cover back some of my cost. The product information can be found at: http://asia.toto.com/images/products/2017/10/TCF4731A_specs.pdf http://asia.toto.com/images/products/2017/10/TCF4732A_specs.pdf It is totally new (BNIB, seal intact) and their warranty is 1 years.
  3. Ok, i think this is the time for me to start my blog after stalking RT for 2 months. Let's started with the floor plan. After 5 weeks looking for our 1st house and yeay, finally i got what we're looking to. Of course, it's not perfect neither "exactly" what we want. We have several criteria on looking for our "own house", i.e bright kitchen, high floor, etc,etc. Here 's the floor plan that we have and yes, our house is all about functionality. There's a big cabinet on passage way and hopefully it'll be the only cabinet we're going to have in the future. I kind of people who like the neat concept. - industrial/scandinavian is not piece of cake. Start from looking ID right after the book the 1st appointment...oh man...it's not easy even very hard for me to decide (as my wife is preggy and she ask me to do all the stuff). I did quote via and renotalk and you know what..almost every single day my phone ring and it's from ID. I can say, how competitive is ID business in here. But, some of them is totally not impressed. There are 1 ID is keep calling me, start from the ID, the PM, etc (totally not impressed). Just make it short, below is the ID that i met up, start from the beginning : 1. One ****rkz We went to the interior exhibition in Expo and met with them. They're asking us to put a deposit 1st (very pushy i can say) We just directly skipped them. 2. Di**s. Id name is Mr J I went there as recommended by my friend and walked in to their showroom (still remember it's on the last day of hungry ghost festival) What i can say their service is not bad. The ID is able to revise every single of my requirement. However, we have to drop this ID Reason : communication problem - i'm not a Chinese speaking and the ID is not fluent in English and not a HDB registered yet. 3. A** Sp**e De***n I met up with the owner - i guess, N**k P**g. My 1st impression of him is very good until the day i received his quotation. Well, it's a on high side however, the negotiation is still on going. Ok, things to consider. 4. K**ng Y**, Id name is mr J (again) I sent an email quotation to them and yes, they could fit my budget. After that, i met with him on his showroom. At that moment, i was not really comfortable. Yes, he explained many things to me. I.e : concealed piping, etc. But he's more like sales person, keep on asking if we can make a deal today. The good news, i asked him again to revise the quotation here and there and he's entertaining me. He even asked me to look the current ongoing project. And yes, as some people make a comment in here. They're not really good on carpentry i can say. So, we decide to dropped them. 5. In***e L***ng, Id name is mr O I contacted them after my wife said...why you didn't ask your colleague and yes, i quoted to him as my colleague engaged him as their ID. Met up on their showroom, wait for 1.5 weeks to get the quotation and another surprise. It's **** expensive. It's almost 50% above my initial budget- I always say my concept and budget upfront. And another thing is their more on "design wise". That's maybe what we're paying for.So, it's dropped. 6. V**la, Id name is mr A Read few great feedback about them, and yes i quoted them. I received a quotation after another 1.5 weeks. The ID is pretty straight forward but again i don't like his style to asking me to deal on that day and keep on trying to revise the quote. I asked him on the meeting itself, how much is the best price and OMG, he revised it many times even after i left my appointment. What on my mind is "your mark up is really in there". Decide to dropped. 7. T*t & D*t, Id name is mr J (again) Look on their FB page and wow, so many compliment for them. I decided to send a quotation to them and met up. 1st impression is she's a great ID i believe. She's a straight forward ID. Ask what we're looking on, budget, etc. I didn't expect to much from them, since they look "popular ID" but well, their service is in there. I contacted her after few weeks and she's still entertain me by reply and give some suggestions. Decide to KIV 8. De***n4***e, id name is mrs R Happened to know this ID when i on the way back via bus. I explored this ID via google and yes, they have so many package. I believe most of you know which ID i'm referring to. I decided to do walk in few days after and well, he's really friendly. He explained which 1 (package) is the most suitable for us and i'm really impressed with him. So, i almost sign my renovation with him, will meet up next week. Decide to : considered 9. Un***d T**m, id Name is Mrs J (again) Seems J is the initial that i always meet.hahahaha...I decided to walk in when i walked around after office hour and ask for quotation. Well, she's a nice lady. Explain to me a lot of stuff (i.e Blum system, granite and Quartz, etc). Received her quotation and i'm surprised...it's not as expensive as i expected. She even helped me to fit/expected measure of the remaining space on my kitchen table top. I'm contemplating now, whether i have to choose this ID or #8. Decide to : considered 10. E m***rn, id name is mr E My friend introduced his ID to me and waiting for the quotation now. 11. C***ic D***gn, id name is mr R Again, it's my friend referral. He's very fast - give me a quotation after a day and the review is this ID is not really good. His quotation is really brief and i'm not really comfortable with this 12. Others S***e D***ne : my friend recommendation but the response is very slow. He updated after my 1 month email. dropped for sure. U***ax : another famous ID i guess, and recommend by friend too. Well, no feedback after the 1st quotation and i asked few things via email. In****r L**. One more funny ID - for me. Seems like no coordination on this company. 2 people contacted me and asked the same quotation..come on...it looks no coordination or high competition to get customer.... few more (i can't remember the name). Anyway, after tired looking for ID...I selected 2 of them now. Looking for any review or i'll just go ahead and sign...that's what i always on my mind. I'll continue with furniture , bathroom and kitchen stuff later... Stay tuned... Ps: please do not ask who's the ID name. I believe it's the matter of personal preference. We're not looking for best ID (always pro and cons in there) but it's for the most suitable ID.
  4. TOTO Eco Washer > No electrical power supply required > Soft closing seat/cover > Easy Installation(No drilling and hammer required) > Hygienic(Self-cleaning nozzle) > Fits onto most toilets > From TOTO factory original and genuine parts, includes 6 months warranty on parts(off-site). > Direct Factory Price!! Delivery Leadtime 1-3 weeks Models available:TCW03s/04s/05s/06s/07s/08s Feel free to call +65 9069 0362 Whatsapp or SMS for any enquiry or quotation. Email: sales@powerelectrical.com.sg