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  1. i bought from lightings.com.sg.. they carry mostly Philips product.. and please avoid *** in Balestier.. they're really terrible....
  2. You might find in http://yalesecuritypoint.sg/or in hardware shop in Hougang. I saw 1 hardware shop in Hougang central sell many types of casement window handle and i'm keen to buy as well.
  3. Dear all, I just bought original HDB handle and my contractor said they don't know how to replace this handle. Could anyone advise who could replace this?
  4. have you found it? Just saw one in yalesecurity shop in AMK industrial park. here's the link http://yalesecuritypoint.sg/contact-us.html
  5. I use their service and my renovation is on-going now. So far so good. my id name is Raymond.
  6. well...my 1st impression is their delivery service is terrible... i purchased kitchen sink, shower set, 2 bathroom sinks (1 with the cabinet) and a ceiling fan on Jalan Besar showroom. First, they called me that Fan is not available after received my payment. I came down for refund and the guy on the showroom just said "distributor just informed us, no stock. so what can we do loh"... Secondly, the delivery guys called me 30 MINS PRIOR ARRIVAL...what the ****....i need to be like a guardhouse on my ongoing renovation home...and they came an hour after.... A little bit defect on the bathroom cabinet and he mentioned "this is the last stock"..nothing to say,just need to pray it'll not spoil in a year after. Then, their customer service can't appreciate for non-Chinese speaking customer (like me). They called me in Chinese and have to wait for 20mins to get the English speaking CS. Seems their management is sucks. what i can say, buy the common product only from them Blanco sink and shower set) but not for the rest.
  7. Well, i just bought a resale flat last Aug 2015 You have to check "what you're looking to" - i assume you already read in www.myhdb for OTP and T&C to purchase a resale flat (bank loan,etc). For me is : 1. Location 2. Sun Light 3. Air circulation (try to open windows and feel the air circulation). It's important for me as i don't like aircon in living room. 4. Layout - you could change your design but hard for the layout (and costly as well). 5. Market price 6. Move in period (extension required?) Complimentary : 1. tile condition - as tiling is expensive 2. existing cabinet - demolition cost is not cheap 3. electric point/lamp switch location 4. Last but not least - door condition
  8. you're "inspiring" me to purchase Simplehuman product... aahahhaha
  9. just want to share with you guys.. if you're interested to use Blum on your kitchen, you could refer to www.connect.blum.com for the price. I'm not working for Blum, just share my experience. In fact, BLUM is not as expensive as i thought. You could go to their dealers and purchase from them.
  10. hi..could u share the contact? thanks
  11. Let me update on my current renovation update. I'm kind of person like to explore and buy by myself. As i noticed they're few ID stalker in here - asking me for the update after my comment here, i'll not update on that. So, after almost 2.5 months gone.. Here will be my future foyer area and kitchen cabinet. Well, the glass door colour will be changed... Then, Start to the shopping cart.I could say i almost finished purchase everything (after 1 month). Below is my shopping list : 1. Kitchen stuff - Kitchen Sink and Tap : Blanco Naya9 Linen and Blanco tap - bought as a set from Hoekee. - Hob and Hod : Rinnai 3 burner (RB3SS) and Turbo Hood (T6001 series)- bought together with water heater from Citygas during the roadshow on their showroom. - Fridge : Hitachi RWB550, bought from Mega Discount Store. Decided to buy this fridge due to the space constrain (max 900 mm for the width) and the looking..hahahhaa We considered to buy Panasonic NR-BY602 at the first, but there's no demo set on Mega shop and found this fridge is pretty eye-catching and within our budget. - Oven and Microwave : we bought Fridge,Oven,Microwave and Washing Machine together in Mega Discount As we'll not have built in oven -not like in the proposed 3D, we bought Tefal Uno XL oven and Panasonic Microwave. - Washing Machine : Bosch 8kg front load. We got a good deal in Mega discount. We intended to buy Electrolux before we arrived at Mega. However, there is a good deal for Bosch and the seller said Bosch tube is bigger and we finally bought Bosch. 2. Furniture We're a cheap skate couple who're waiting for a baby soon. So, we have pretty tight budget. We bought Cellini as the set for master bedroom, living room and dining. We bought Elda sofa, Max series coffee table and TV console. 3. Bathroom Since my wife is preggy, we couldn't visit so many shops. We purchased stuff (Master and common bathroom basin, Basin tap) from HoeKee as well. I'm kind of person more on functional wise, so we purchased Grohe curve for all (bathroom tap and basin tap for both bahrooms) and no rain shower. Then, we purchased our WC - Treo one piece toilet- from Az**a - ID recommendation. What i should say is "this shop is house of LIAR" Don't ever buy something from them. 4. Light and Fan Almost all my lights was purchased in Lightings.com.sg. I could say they're fantastic. We bought Philips 33347 and 45603 for our dining and living room. We also bought Philips 30829 for our future baby and the rests just using a standard philips LED light. Fan, we went for Crestar. We already have few remote for our living room, so we just bought the conventional controller Crestar hytech-polycarbonate-series from Sembawang Lighthouse. 5. Aircon Mitsubishi inverter 3 systems from Gain City. 6. Others This is few small things but i could say it's important. - Door Key. I purchased main door key, HDB iron gate handle and padlock key from Yale shop in AMK Industrial park. They might not be the cheapest - i didn't check from other shops just put my trust from them- but i could say they have a lot of nice stuff (eg HDB original iron gate handle as the current is spoiled). - Drawer runner. This is the things that i'd like to share. I'd like to have the Blum soft closing drawer and well, the charges is $100+ per set. Then, i browsed around and found we could buy the runner from BLUM. You could find the pricelist in connect.blum.com and surprisingly the price is "affordable". I finally bought the runner from Kiang Sing in Woodlands industrial park. They gave me 30% discount from the pricelist. It's pretty high saving for me. - Lamp Switch and Electric Point. Chong Chiang is the name. I rely to the review - not comparing the price and i bought Elgrand Mallia switch from them. I'll continue with Shop review after this...
  12. well...many place to recommend but you should avoid ***. this shop is totally terrible. Anw, i purchased from Lightings.com.sg...they carry tonnes of Philips stuff.
  13. tried to order Kraus...but none of that is shipped to Singapore...how to order man