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  1. Mine also belongs to the entry level ones! By light indicator — I meant this one: (see attached image). The orange LED indicator next to temperature display. Maybe it lights up while pre-heating, turns off when temperature is reached.
  2. If you have a Bosch oven, mine has a tiny thermometer icon that pops up while pre-heating, and goes away once it hits the mark. Else, I imagine a light indicator comes on while preheating, and goes off when done?
  3. Oh wow. I would love to hear your story and how the "little guys" won :DDD
  4. Hi @matchalatte Just wanted to say, been following your renovation journey and boy, those moody colours look sexy! Love the vibe You mentioned this is your second home. Wondering what was the style of your previous home? What veered you towards a bachelor pad's vibe this time? Just curious kaypoh, heh heh!
  5. Hey just chiming in to say — my contractor's electrician installed my Aeratron and it made the clicking sound because it wasn't installed properly. In the end, I got a fan installer who had experience with Aeratron, and the sound went away. Hope this helps!
  6. I just wanted to leave a message to say: I LOVE THAT PEGBOARD!!!! It's functional, flexible and so organised! Love it!
  7. Thanks for posting about the aeratron fan & the korean restaurant *yumz*! Do you know if they stock the woodgrain one? Did you have to call to make sure they have supplies before going to JB? Thinking of making the trip as well.
  8. Haha, sorry! I'm been only sourcing online -- haven't gotten round to asking Shanghai Tong Lee for their prices either! Shall update if I do. So far, your TB pull-out rack looks great! But I'm looking for those narrow wire ones too, so IKEA is out for me. Have no clue how to TB — so might be excel for me! @Catt got the excel pull-out larder, shall ask her if the quality's worth the price.
  9. @Changbp @kingandbin Kaypoh and chiming in since I'm looking for the same narrow pull-out condiments rack. Also found some at Shanghai Tong Lee if you are looking for more options!
  10. Gate is very chio! You have that stencil cut-out for your unit numbers too? I like it! Are you painting your door lilac? heh heh I'm getting a wire mesh gate too. Do you mind PM-ing the price from Steel Dios? I got a quote from Doctor Doors and it's more pricey than what they listed on their website! So zzzzzzz
  11. Guess what you're totally right again! I think the trying-to-save money wherever will come back and bite me in the end and best to just suck it up and pay. Your gate is coming today?! pictures!