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  1. Thanks for the compliments. Wanted to send u the ID details, but you can't receive PM though unfortunately. Its Dorothy, In Lookz home. HP: 94507007.
  2. Hello, what does the weekly house cleaning include? I need helper to wash the toilets and clean kitchen only.
  3. Washer pedestal was scrapped. Its not rigid enough during spin cycle it will walk. Ive upgraded the broom closet by adding left over piece of acrylic behind it to prevent items brooms dirtying my wall when slid out. It works great. These 2 pics were just taken. One of the most useful stuff.
  4. 2 years after... complete the last piece which is my daughters room. This is my largest DIY...Took too long time to complete. Like 4 months haha... Built her a double deck play house bed. It actually isnt complete(roof is missing shingles). I think I'll leave it as is. As the upper deck is the bed and could be stuffy. View from outside Front view. Under the stairs, with USB hub too.. Other views
  5. You can try to use third party buyers with US postal addresses. Like Vpost and ezbuy. Kraus sink depending on type can get from Singapore amazon prime now. I just bought one. Free shipping too.
  6. hello! may i ask hows your teka sink doing so far? I am doing undermount and was given teka sink by my ID but im afraid of the water stain issue. Any photos to share please!

    1. Changbp


      So far okay. The initial rust stain still there there. It didn't enlarge.

      Recently I did my parents reno I bought Krauss sinks from Amazon. That is hard to beat.

  7. I like ur dining area. Very elegant. how much did the Reno cost you?
  8. I have the same problem as well, although ur fly count is 10 times more than mine . Mines a Hitachi mini French door fridge. Its a sealing issue. Don't just let the door close by itself, apply a bit of pressure more to seal it. That helps in my case.
  9. Yeah, I had exactly similar tile concept for my bathroom using the 2 tiles that you have pictured. Couldn't find the lower tile locally and it costs too much from amazon. So only framed with the upper tile that u pictured. Not as nice. If I've only known about this store earlier.
  10. nice, always a fan of farmhouse kitchen. Are u going to carpentry up the hood? the stove backsplash: to really make it look nice, you need to "frame" it. You managed to find the framing tiles?
  11. Not ugly but maybe too common. Yes I agree an open shelf would look better. But you need to have same size/color plates, bowls and glasses (theme) to "automatically decorate" it. I didn't do a dish rack as I don't think the front swivel mechanism of the frosted panel can survive past 5 years if you use it daily. That will be the most abused panel of all the cabinetry in the kitchen.
  12. $45 for the crate and barrel... Can just DIY go chop some branches or something FOC if not get caught.
  13. If you like to cook, you will appreciate it being big. Mine have to hang on wall