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  1. May I know which green u settled for? Exactly the green I wanted and also scared turned out tooo green... TIA!
  2. He doesn't, you got any issue just call him and liase with him... That's what I didn't do till a lot of hiccups come up. Some of them are very simple stuff like painting colour, changing of door knobs, coordination of our items to come in, and planning the flow of project and what is needed. One thing that we minded the most is our vinyl not protected throughout and got paints etc. here and there. Its too hard to spot since whole hall & 2 rooms are all vinyl. Really tiring. Now we kinda "learnt our lesson". James is very prompt in carrying out or rectifying problems and can give good ideas/solutions.
  3. Finally handover.... After all the sweat stress & leaves taken. Taking a good break from it and slowly moving in. Everything feels so surreal! Sharing photos in bits & pieces when got inspirition
  4. ‪hi @yellowteacups we got it from castlery! love their furniture! Its about $1100 if im not wrong.
  5. Hi Reiken, lotsa hiccups actually.... U r really lucky if James is fully in charge or your house. He's really experienced and pays attention to details.
  6. Hi @Raylowwl its from taobao. This is the link: http://m.intl.taobao.com/detail/detail.html?id=521339049048
  7. Handover delayed by 2 days at the moment as painting works got mistake and not well communicated. There are paint drips everywhere in parts of our home and not cleaned up. Protective flooring also not used and we asked why, E said to help us save cost. Its good but shouldnt our opinion be seeked first? Many small items like door knobs etc. Etc. not done and even shelving we got from ikea only up today. Was wondering why the handover date needed to be postponed but we were still told its today as promised. We have already made plans for cleaning today, tomorrow and all items to come in on Monday and E told us our gas, toilet mirrors, shower ledge & painting can only complete on Tues(which we did not take leave for). sigh... When boss James came he came to check and reminded on the door knobs to be changed and 2 of our kitchen cabinet doors were scratched so he brought back to change. James boss to the rescue! He also made arrangement for painter to finish the painting works tomorrow before everything delivers on Monday. Seems he is the one who can make everything possible. Our sofa, dining table & dining bench have arrived. Mum did the cleaning of whole house while the hub has to go for work after making the drilling arrangements. Thank god!
  8. Glad your reno work is up & moving again. I guess they move their guys around to meet deadlines and now that they are busy with others, my slowed down relatively a lot. From last Fri til today only one master room toilet install plumbing. My kitchen cabinet left without the top from last week and will only be up end of this week. Guess cus my is due to complete soon. Pls keep the updates coming =)
  9. But if the hood is cut it will not be as effective? I rem my contractors tellng me something about cutting off but i forgot the reason. partial like mine cheaper. But if im staying long i wouldnt mind paying abit more since it will look nicer too... Or if u have a top cabinet, prob solved!
  10. Hubby & me are in love with our house already. J&E carpentry work is pretty good. So in love with the laminates we chose. Only for the sliding wardrobe door, we gonna check with them how come the closing isnt well fitted. Our vinyl flooring turned out to be yellowish but cant tell from 1 pieces alone. No choice already chosen. Living room with & without lights on Laminates Dream kitchen
  11. Hi @Json if you are willing to spend, you can do a full box up at the top beam part. Im guess it will look nicer. We didnt do so as we dont plan to stay for long
  12. I guess cus we didnt plaster our walls haha! And also our contractor got us to confirm our carpentry pretty early so they can prepare while tiling works are going on. Our tentative handover date is 9Jul i see that you have changed your room entrance. Thats awesome and create more space. Initially we also wanna hack this and that and build walls but our contractor say that that would increase our cost alot and since we are only planning to stay for a good 5yrs and wanna save then do minimal. cant wait to see more updates!
  13. Thank u for dropping by my anyhow blog.lol our flat is 30+ years old and first owner stayed til now so we changed gas pipes, rewiring and all. Electrical works does cost going by 3k above if not wrong. But you can cut cost with this: If u go with minimal no. of electrical points & use extension plug instead. Ask them to quote u with a basic package based on your needs. If you use less than what they quote u, they should be able to refund you the balance. My contractor did not recommend us to change specifically. But we did say we wanna change. I guess if the house is very old it would normally be done since your preferred lighting points will also be different from the previous owner(especially if you are the 2nd owner). Old type electrical points all high on the wall one. we are staying for the MOP but still decided to go with rewiring. So if u are looking at long term stay i think its not something you should save on good luck and do share your reno journey!