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  1. Honestly is not really worth the trip there for the lightings. You can buy from Chuan Huat, they have Phillips LED with 2 years warranty and is not that expensive. If you wants to go JB, You can go to Austin Hill area, they have about 5 shops there. Is behind Aeon Mall. Just before Plentong.
  2. Haha, I'm putting up for sale, as the chiller is creating heat to the living room. Expensive is relative. For my type of set up, all in will be around $5K. Now with the internet, you can learn from You tube easily. Averaging 2-3 hours per week of maintenance work.
  3. I grew up in Tiong Bahru and I'm amazed by the HDB progress. I congratulate HDB for coming up with such a fantastic housing for the masses. The standard, I must say is world class. The quality and details of planning is not very far off from the condos relatively to the costing. I'm grateful and thankful to you people there!
  4. Thanks, Is very therapeutic, you can look at it and destress. They tank is not actually properly set up yet. When all the corals are in, it will be more beautiful.
  5. Converted this coffee table to writing desk for my wife. The odd shape coffee table fit nicely to the odd corner of the room.
  6. Just transferred all my fishes and corals to the new tank. Will still need to do some tidying up. A close up shot on the corals and fishes.