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  1. Hello, the bench was thrown in as a bundle for us when we were negotiating the price. Dining table we got 4 chairs plus one bench for $3250. We didn't get a coffee table from them, though.
  2. There is a fertiliser tank attached to the water supply. They call it a "fertigator" lol. Any organic liquid fertiliser would do, just dilute it with some water first. So far I've not added any fertiliser and I don't think I need to because as you can see, the plants are growing rather bushy so any addition of fertiliser, I might end up with an unruly-looking garden!
  3. Hi @Mannequin, Our electrician is Welmate and they were pretty good but maybe a little bit more pricey than others? Welmate Electrical & Aircon Services 61 Upper Paya Lebar Road #01-03/04 Tat Wan Building Singapore 534816 HP: +65 9746 9849 Email: welmate_electrical @yahoo.com.sg
  4. Hi @KFC1189, The vertical garden is still doing well. I have replaced the ferns with spider plants during the first month maintenance at $4 each plant, and then decided to replace the aluminium plants (pilea cadierei) in August because they were looking stringy, shedding a lot and harbouring pesky mealybugs despite many attempts to get rid of them. Ad hoc maintenance was $120 plus any plant replacement at $4 each. This is the new improved vertical garden now: I tried replacing the plants myself but since I'm now pregnant and not allowed to climb ladders that's why we just engaged them to come do the hard work..
  5. Hello guys! It's been a while since my last post.... We've moved in for 4 months now and we're very happy at our new home, but I thought I'd share some things which hopefully will be useful for my fellow RT readers! Air-Con Leakage So within 3 months, we got our first leakage from our master bedroom AC (which is the only one being turned on every night) Water came out of the joint between the blower unit and the trunking. We called All Best and they promptly sent someone down to fix it since there is a 5-year Installation Warranty. According to them, there was too much condensation and so they double taped the joint and reassured us it won't happen again. Less than 2 wks later, water leaked not from the joint, but from the drainage pipe below this very same AC unit: So we called All Best again, and this time around, our original installer came down. After he inspected, he said there is likely blockage in our drainage pipe due to "jelly" formation, causing backflow and thus, leakage. He advised us to call their servicing team down to suck the drainage pipe. There is one problem, however. The drainage pipe goes into our master bathroom, and the end of that pipe is now concealed inside the box up which we had done up for the shower area. So here's TIP #1: As ugly as it is to have an AC drainage pipe in your bathroom, don't conceal it because your AC servicing team can access the end of the pipe to suck out any blockage inside, which in return reduces risk of leakage. But the installer had an idea, he says since part of the drainage pipe outside at the AC ledge is still accessible, they can cut the pipe and fix a "T" joint to it - thus creating an access for them to suction the drainage pipe. He conveyed the message to the servicing team, and when they came down to our place, that's exactly what they did. However, during the suctioning, he could hear a blockage present, and he told us likely there is a problem at the concealed end of the drainage pipe - the contractor probably blocked it with debris etc. This is where my husband got a little fed up with the "push-here-push-there, blame other people" attitude these people have. From the sounds of it, the AC guy says it's the contractor's fault. Ok, so we informed our ID, and although he was responsive despite our project ending many months back, he sounded like it was not his fault and we will need to pay them some labour fee to knock open a hole in our box up to access the AC drainage pipe. I decided to look through my photos of the renovation process, and after seeing this photo, my husband was convinced the problem was here: He says the drainage pipe is blocked because it is taped up. I myself am skeptical, so was my ID. They taped it to prevent debris from getting into the pipe while they did the box-up etc, and would have removed it after, at least that's what I thought (Cannot be so blur, right?). But my husband was insistent, so the ID arranged for tiler to come and solve this mystery once and for all. TIP #2: Take loads of photos to document your renovation process - they end up being very useful sometimes!! Today, the tiler came and this is what we saw: Pipe is still taped up. And best of all, it's confined inside the metal frame and water is just pooling there!!! WIN LIAO LOR. So which genius did this? My guess is the box-up guys, but of course no-one will admit right? At least our ID got nothing to say liao. But I'm not blaming him, not really, because at least he still follows through with us when problems crop up in our house. For now, the hole in the box up will be covered back with a tile which will be sealed up with silicone once the drainage pipe is extended into the hole in the ground. So still look pretty... but on hindsight, we would not have concealed the drainage pipe if we knew what we know now!! Hope this is a lesson for everyone!
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  13. Fantastic Furniture and Where to Find Them Sofa & Dining Table Set from Mix & Match The model we saw at Expo and liked. Husband ended up choosing same colours. Our sofa L-shaped is reversed, though. We came across M&M at one of the home and renovation fairs at Expo and the husband found their sofas to be the most comfortable and good-looking (he sat on A LOT of sofas). They just opened a show room recently at Enterprise 1 at Kaki Bukit Rd 1, and they claim to be specialists in making down-feather sofa. We were served by Leslie who is probably the boss and he has very good taste and even came down to our flat during renovations to help us match our sofa colour to our theme. And the floor he used for his showroom is the same as our bedroom floors (EcoPluz' Cottage Grey) - that's why I say he got good taste hehe. We're the kind who don't like leather sofas, so we chose fabric type, and the sofa covers can be removed for washing. We decided to get their dining sets too because the design compliments each other well and works for our kind of long living-dining room layout. Dining set colour cannot be changed but there isn't a need to when it looks great! Sorry I blur out myself - very shy one, ok! Carpet & Pillows from Crate & Barrel Linden Sage Green Feather-Down Pillow Baxter Jade Rug Got these at discounted price! Took a risk with the pillow colour but thankfully it matched very well with the sofa! Round Ottomans from Etch & Bolts Decided to get a large ottoman to double up as a coffee table for a child-friendly environment (my pediatric dentist friend tells all her friends to NEVER get a coffee table if they have kids – she has seen way too many dental trauma cases). For Etch & Bolts, they let you choose your own colours so we did just that, and we got our carpenter to fabricate a round piece of laminated wood to act as a table surface (the piece of wood turned out to be more expensive than the ottoman, what-the-heck). Followed this idea of having a round piece of wood over the ottoman! Bedside Tables from HipVan Their bedside tables were an absolute steal at $129 each! And love the wood colour, so expensive-looking! Trash Cans from Naiise Ordered this Tubelor Rosewood trash cans from Naiise (had to email them to ask them specially for the wood pattern which I saw online, otherwise it's all single colours). Adore the fact that it's open and yet conceals the plastic bag. Everyone who visited our house complimented us on the trash cans! Counter Stools from Comfort Furniture We previously bought a pair of leather counter stools from Commune but the leather was spotty and they had few stock remaining so had to get a refund instead. Grayson barstool from COMMUNE. Has been discontinued. Looking for counter stools was not easy, as most places only sell bar stools with seating height of ~75cm but we needed counter stools with seating height of ~60cm since our island counter is 94cm high. Luckily we found these at Comfort Furniture selling for $129 each. Can choose the fabric colour as well. Currently we need to wait 2 months before we can receive the items... so will only be getting them next month! Fondue barchairs from Comfort Furniture - in different heights