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  1. Hi, PM sent. Hi, Thanks! PM sent. Hi, Thanks! PM sent. Hi, PM sent.
  2. Hi, For kitchen's bottom cabinet we are using EDL / Medium Hipster Oak DWE9011L.
  3. Hi Pikachuuu, Really enjoy reading you blog. Hilarious writing style All the best for your reno and keep the update coming!
  4. Shower Screen We did not engage E to install our shower screen as we managed to get it at a good price from a glass contractor. Workmanship is acceptable but one of the wall tile in our master toilet crack when they drill the wall to install the door. Common Toilet Master Toilet
  5. Final Reno Journey Our Reno is schedule to be completed in mid Dec but due to some small issues (not due to our contractor), therefore we have to extend 1 more week. 1st Issue Initially we do not want to install window at our service yard cos we prefer the unblock feel without the window. One stormy night, we forgotten to close the service yard door before we left and the next day, the rain splash all the way into our kitchen. The whole kitchen floor was wet but luckily our washing machine is ok. We were exploring other options beside window and we came across those outdoor roller blind. We gotten a few quotes from some supplier and was shock that it was pretty expensive. One supplier quoted me $2K for the outdoor roller blind and moreover HDB might not approve the installation of outdoor roller blind at the service yard. So without any viable options, we ask E to install sliding window 2nd Issue I have always wanted to install white window blind for all bedrooms and living area cos I feel that white blind will be more in-line with the theme of our design. Wife prefer curtain for master room as she feel that curtain will make the room more cosy. To make life easier for myself, I decided to give in and go for curtain for the master room. When our curtain contractor came to do measurement for the curtain, he highlighted to us that the ledge above the window is too narrow to install double row curtain. As my wife is very persistence therefore we ask our curtain contractor what are our options if we insist on double row. Option 1: Use 2 x slim curtain tracks but both the curtain will be very close to each other and will not look nice. Sunlight might leak in at the top edge of the curtain and visible curtain track. Option 2: Do single row curtain. Sunlight might leak in at the top edge of the curtain and visible curtain track. Option 3: Extend ledge wide with window pelmet. Sunlight will not leak in at the top edge of the curtain and non-visible curtain track. My wife were not prepared to compromise therefore we decided to go for option 3 Spoken to E about this and within a few days, the extended ledge with the window pelmet is done! Kudos to E for giving us a very good price for the additional job and arranging for the painter to come over again to touch up the paint.
  6. Hi, All PM sent. Sorry for the late respond... Has been busy with work and house moving. Will be updating again very soon on the final journey... Stay Tuned!
  7. @Colourwolf PM sent @Yang Guo Thanks for the compliment. Saw ur blog, your place is nicely done. Especially love your kitchen @northblue PM sent @kashaya PM sent @brokenx PM sent @pjsh Yes, have you decided the color for your door? @cancan83 I also think it look big, perhaps due to the color combination or the angle of the photo. Lol... @Fauzan Ghani PM sent
  8. Door installation Bedroom doors were installed over the weekend. Initially we choose a grey color door but last minute decided to change the color to natural wood color to match the color scheme. Was quite worried the color might not match well with the black door frame but luckily it turn out quite well.
  9. Hi, Door will be install over the weekend. Will update again once the door is install.