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  1. Anyone can share his/her experience on sfoshor recommended led distributor esp on parts quality, any failure occur after used for a couple of months. P/S : sfoshor - I'm just try to gather some feedback from ppl bought led lights from the led distributor. hope you don't mind.. sharing is caring
  2. anyone currently using Otto brand kitchen stainless steel sink ? please advice is the stainless steel material good ? thanks
  3. Please help to provide quotation for system 4 inverter system for the followings: Pls PM me... Mitsubishi Electric Starmax inverter system 4 (3X9K and 1 X24 or 26K) Request the following: 1/2 " Armaflex insulator 22 Gauge Copper piping 16mm drainage piping 2 trips Thank you
  4. Which brand you have purchased for the digital lock ?
  5. yeah... I bought the TV around end of June this year from woodland domestic. mine still in box as my new house is not ready...hahaha hmmm I also bought grohe shower system but with thermostat function at $810 last weekend.... think have to wipe off soap of my left hand before turn it on
  6. hi cch93624... your shower system come with thermostat function ? I'm also got the last few set of sony 55w904 tv
  7. Hi, I'm interested in your ID. Can share id name and contact ? Thanks
  8. Most of them were assembly in ASEAN countries
  9. Hi All, Care to share your experience with RECA Infinity Design ? Thanks
  10. Hi kelvin, Don't mind PM me the contact too, thanks
  11. Hi lovescandi, Mind sharing your contractor and electrician contact ? Thanks
  12. You better highlight mistake with your aircon guy. Don't let them 'smoke' you
  13. Please PM your ID and contact #, thanks. Your Reno looks great
  14. Anyone have use their IDs to reno their new BTO flats ? Please help to share your experience, thanks