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  1. Time passes in a flash... It is already end of Jan now.. I have moved in for 4 months already! Just collected my coffee table from lush after a 3 month wait... U got to be patient when u order stuff from them... Haha...
  2. Reno part 2 completed My simple self designed book case is up! Happy with the raw plywood trimmings with no laminate. The carpenter told me that he had to saw the wood 8 times!
  3. Hello, you are looking for the person who did my carpentry or the person who did my other building works. I engaged 2 different people. Anyway I don't think I will be sharing the quote as it mine is not as clear cut as we made changes along the way...
  4. Hello, I had my carpentry done by an ID ... He is a nice guy.. Willing to do the rectification for me... Just that I hate hiccups... For C he did most of my building works and toilet carpentry ... He is good with using quality materials .. Of course that comes with a price as well... So far responsible with rectification as well.. And after sales service like getting his guys come up and drill holes for me after I moved in... The lesson from reno... Hiccups happen all the time ... But make sure u get some one reliable to be held responsible for getting it correct instead of pushing responsibility .. Can be a nightmare ...
  5. Hi, i got from design by lifestorey at taiseng. It is between $160-$200 range. I can't remember as I did not keep the receipt...
  6. After buying , I regreted using stainless steel. Should have gotten the blanco granite ones. Cos stainless steel scratches easily.
  7. I like the toilet paperprint:)
  8. Carpet grass up... I have always liked the idea of having carpet grass on a balcony... Toyed with the idea of having that in my service yard, but for practical reasons, I decided to give up this idea... Instead, I found a place in the Housw for it. Under my shoe cabinet As there is a min purchase size, I had to buy a bigger piece. Anyone out there interested in taking over the balance, pls pm me. $35 self collection. Size is approx 200cm by 56cm
  9. Hello there Candy paint Asia , you can google them. Beside table is from design at lifestorey taiseng
  10. Anyone interested in buying over my used boxes for house move? I have at least 10 for sale. $2 per box 78cm x 48cm x 48cm I have some used and a few brand new ones that I over bought. Self collect at northeast. PM me if there is interest. Save the earth. Boxes sold to a nice lady.