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  1. your reno is around how much ah? 40k?
  2. make sure that wall is free from stains, esp during housewarming and visits. gosh....
  3. 150cm i think. from hommage!
  4. got them from taobao! search franc franc can liao. in fact e design came out from me! after 4 mths of staying i feel very happy whenever i'm home, very soft and relaxed.
  5. use their bulbs. blow liao den use own bulbs lol. the track light can shine whichever way u want one.
  6. managed to find the links for kitchen mat and also the lamp! http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=40068495759 http://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?id=35311831575
  7. got them from taobao. cant recall e link already... but its quite popular one.
  8. hmmmm how u planning to do up e fireplace ah?
  9. oh, that one is not vanity, its a dressing table. from lush!
  10. huh? i dunno... the normal PD door material lo. just want the feel and can use can liao... www.pddoor.com.sg
  11. fabricate one. u talking about toilet one right? fabricate...
  12. its a louvered PD door, can easily find in the booklet provided! yes its kompactplus for both vanity tops!
  13. Thank you for your kind words! Yeap its impt to be disciplined to minimise blacks in the home