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  1. hello there! we did not hack off any wall.. we built a partition wall in our master bedroom. our walk in wardrobe area is ard 2.1m x 2m. hope this helps! -clownprince's wife
  2. hi there! sorry for the late reply! we got the mirrors from ikea! not sure if they still have them though! -clownprince's wife
  3. Hi @clownprince and wife! :) Can you share with me your contractor's contact? Thank you!

  4. hello! we got it from taobao! not sure if we have posted the link before somewhere in the blog… if not, i'm sorry! we might not be able to find the link now!
  5. MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR! here's our DIY christmas tree! it sparkles!
  6. hello! we got it from taobao but I'm sorry we don't have the link anymore!
  7. hello! hmm, sorry, we don't quite understand what you are saying haha
  8. hello Tanceline, Sorry! it's been quite long, we don't remember anymore!! all the best anyway -clownprince's wife