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  1. Hello @Prideguy I have the same layout as you and is planning on engaging J&E too. Could you pm me your quotation? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello! Nope mine's at batok. Could you share with me the four quotations you receive? Will like to compare and see if mine will be on the high side. Will keep the quotations confidential and for own use only.
  3. @osiris7777 Hihi! I have the exact same floor plan as you. Can you PM me all 4 contractors' name, company and contact numbers? Thank you in advance
  4. Hi @steffie, can you PM me Kevin Tee, H2O Interior Renovation (aka Mr K) & Ronald Goh, Designer House (aka Tiler Seng) contact? Thanks Cynthia.jiawen@gmail.com
  5. @Reiken Hello! Can you pm me J&E's contact please. Thank you in advance! ^^
  6. Hi @clownprince and wife! :) Can you share with me your contractor's contact? Thank you!

  7. Hi Nestlee, I have the same exact layout as yours too =) Can you pm me both your contractors' no? Thanks! ^^
  8. Hi dadajunior, Can you pm me J&E's contact? Thanks! :)

  9. @lovescandi Hello can you pm me J's contact please. Think your inbox is full and i can't pm you. thanks!
  10. Hello! Really love how homely your house is. Would you mind pm-ing me your contractor's details please? Thanks in advance! ^^
  11. Hello pipsqueak, can you provide me with your renovator's contact? Thanks in advance =)
  12. Hello do you mind sharing your contractor's contact? Thank you. :)

  13. Hi! Can you provide me with Nick's contact? Thank you in advance! :)

  14. Hihi, can you provide me with your contractor's contact?? Thank you in advance!

    cynthia.jiawen@gmail.com / You can pm me too :)